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Federal policies promoting burning forests for fuel are undermining climate action and harming communities.

In the US, our federal work focuses on shaping national climate and forest policy. With the persistent threat of the biomass industry pushing for energy subsidies and unsustainable harvesting of American forests, PFPI fights to limit the role of biomass in our energy sector, advance science and protect nature. To promote the integrity of environmental policy, PFPI works to ensure science-based standards for energy and carbon accounting. We collaborate with climate justice advocates around the country to increase awareness of the health and environmental impacts of biomass energy and advocate for forest protection, healthy communities and clean renewable energy.

Key resources:
The Bioenergy Boom from the Federal Stimulus: Outcomes and Lessons (2018)
Trees, Trash, and Toxics: How Biomass Energy Has Become the New Coal (2014)
Burning Money: Biomass Gasification and the DOE Loan Guarantee Program (2013)

Webinar slides: Bioenergy Loopholes in the Clean Power Plan, and How to Avoid Them

Wood-burning power plants and waste incinerators emit more CO2 than coal plants, so why is EPA allowing bioenergy and waste incineration in the Clean Power Plan?

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EPA Fracking and Drinking Water Study Should be Rewritten

A significant discrepancy between the executive summary and the body of report makes it look as if EPA is intentionally misrepresenting its research.

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Senators Markey and Warren call for moratorium on bioenergy in the Obama Clean Power Plan

We can’t reduce emissions under the Clean Power Plan by replacing coal with the only thing that emits more carbon pollution: biomass

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