Korean solar industry makes unprecedented legal challenge to “green” credentials of biomass energy

Canadian citizen joins suit against Korean government alleging irreparable harm to forests and climate from use of British Columbia wood pellets

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New UK Biomass Policy Removes Subsidies For High-Carbon Wood Pellets

Even ignoring the CO2 coming out the smokestack, the new policy sets a lifecycle emissions standard that imported wood pellets can’t meet

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Environmentalists applaud UK Government decision to restrict subsidies for new biomass power stations

Decision is key to protecting forests in the US Southeast, which are being cleared to fuel UK wood pellet demand

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New Study: Biomass Energy Has Big Climate Impact Even Under Best Case Scenario

Burning wood for power undermines efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions, even under industry best-case scenarios.

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Massachusetts tops New England in air pollution from wood burning

Why is the State of Massachusetts offering incentives for wood heating when wood burners are already a major source of air pollution in Massachusetts?

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International Scientists to UK: Spending Billions to Burn Trees Won’t Help the Climate

To prevent dangerous climate warming, we need to plant trees, not burn them for energy.

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DOE’s “Billion Ton” Biomass Report – We read it so you wouldn’t have to

Despite requiring clearcutting of millions of forest acres per year, the Department of Energy declines to assess carbon pollution impacts from a biofueled economy.

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Virginia groups call on Congress to oppose biomass carbon neutrality myth

Legislating that bioenergy produces no carbon pollution makes as little sense as legislating that climate change does not exist.

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Senate Legislation Cedes the US Forest Carbon Sink to the Biomass Industry – Even as Forests Are Already Declining

We all know burning trees drives climate change, but Senate legislation now being considered would dictate that burning more trees does not increase carbon pollution.

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“Threatened Forests”: Incredible film documents forest destruction by Enviva, other bioenergy producers

Irrefutable evidence of the forest destruction by the wood pellet industry.

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