EU climate plan bets on non-existent technology to reduce emissions

Plans for climate neutrality rely on doubling biomass burning and trapping CO2 using geological storage, locking EU into climate failure.

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Higher Ed Partnerships with Energy Co’s Lock in Decades of High Emissions, Greenwash

Campuses are outsourcing energy planning to private companies pushing biomass and natural gas as clean and green

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Groups Urge Senator Udall to Clean Up His Renewable Energy Bill

Why are pro-climate action legislators still advocating burning trees for energy?

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Environmentalists applaud UK Government decision to restrict subsidies for new biomass power stations

Decision is key to protecting forests in the US Southeast, which are being cleared to fuel UK wood pellet demand

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MA House Lawmakers Slip Garbage Burning into “Clean Energy” Proposal

Not the “clean energy” we had in mind: increasing garbage burning on days when air pollution is the worst.

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Groups Urge Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to Count Biomass Carbon Pollution

RGGI should assess whether millions of tons of uncounted carbon pollution from wood-burning power plants undercut efforts on climate.

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Ohio Groups Tell EPA, Our Forests Aren’t for Burning

Treating bioenergy as if it has no carbon emissions could make proposed coal-to-wood conversions in Ohio viable, threatening the state’s forests with being cut for biomass fuel.

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Time to reform RPS programs that make climate change worse

DC’s RPS has been swamped by high-emissions bioenergy burning fuels that are dirtier than coal.

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Biomass thermal energy pollutes, solar energy doesn’t – why subsidize both?

Are legislators ready to explain to families with asthmatic children why the state is paying their neighbors to increase air pollution?

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CT Bill 1138 sets bad biopower precedents

If Connecticut wants move away from purchasing “dirty” biopower from Maine, shouldn’t the state make sure its biopower is actually low-emissions?

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