Taylor Biomass report: inflated claims to DOE loan program

Taylor Biomass repeatedly uses the word ‘clean’ in their DOE loan guarantee application, but emissions under the facility’s New York State air permit are no better than a conventional garbage incinerator.

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MA biomass regulations – what do they mean?

Considering renewable energy is supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including low-efficiency, high-emissions biomass power in state RPS programs doesn’t make sense.

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Op-Ed: Don’t contaminate concept of clean energy

We all pay for phony “clean” and “renewable” energy choices — in publically funded subsidies, but also in toxic air pollution, climate warming, and damage to the environment. It’s time to reclaim the concept of clean energy, lest it be contaminated forever.

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Niagara Generation: camel’s nose under the tent for New York’s RPS

The Niagara Generation plant burns coal, tires, and “clean” construction and demolition wood to produce electricity. Now it wants subsidies for dirty wood, too.

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Throwing good money after bad at Taylor Biomass in Orange County, NY

DOE’s loans are intended to support development of “innovative and advanced clean technologies”. We’re wondering what’s so innovative, advanced, and clean about a garbage burner.

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