Secret Fracking Chemicals Threaten Delaware River Basin, Pennsylvania

State governments and the oil and gas industry still won’t come clean on what’s in fracking fluids

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PFPI, Allies Call Out Greenwashing During So-Called “Clean Energy Week”

Because Clean Energy Doesn’t Come Out of a Smokestack

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Unique Identifiers Could Shed Light on Confidential Fracking Chemicals

Citizens should be able to find out if EPA has health concerns about fracking chemicals.

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Maryland Fracking Ban Would Protect DC Area Drinking Water

A big victory for drinking water in the DC area and throughout the Free State.

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EPA’s Fracking and Drinking Water Study: A Win for Science, but More Work Remains

Fracking has contaminated water supplies though spills, poorly sealed wells, seepage, and well blowouts.

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Evidence Suggests Obama Administration Manipulated Fracking Study

A statement that EPA’s study hadn’t found widespread, systemic impacts on water systems is at odds with the actual findings of the report

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EPA’s fracking study found proven harm, serious risk and inadequate science – so what’s the problem?

The report found that fracking can — and has — contaminated drinking water through several pathways, refuting drilling industry protests that such contamination is impossible.

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Fracking in the George Washington National Forest: An Unnecessary Risk

The Bureau of Land Management has a terrible track record for inspecting gas wells its own scientists have said are high risk. Now the George Washington National Forest is at risk from drilling, and BLM oversight.

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Largest DC Area Water Provider Opposes Fracking in George Washington National Forest

With the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s resolution, every major water provider in the DC area now opposes gas extraction in the George Washington National Forest

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