Status of amendments that would force EPA to treat bioenergy as carbon neutral, and the urgent need for legislative opposition

Legislating that biomass energy has no carbon pollution is legislating a lie.

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Op-Ed: Collins should fight for limits on toxic pollution, not against them

Now is not the time to weaken the Clean Air Act, which has served Maine and the nation well for decades.

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EPA finally pushes back against know-nothing pollution promoters

Lisa Jackson: “We all remember ‘too big to fail’; this pseudo jobs plan to protect polluters might well be called ‘too dirty to fail.’ How we respond will mean the difference between sickness and health — in some cases, life and death — for hundreds of thousands of people.”

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Taxpayer-funded biomass pollution – a summary of subsidies

Taxpayers and ratepayers should not have to pay extra for “renewable” energy that accelerates forest cutting, increases greenhouse gas emissions, and pollutes the air.

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Biomass Electricity: Clean Energy Subsidies for a Dirty Industry

A new report gives the most comprehensive listing to date of biomass power facilties proposed around the country, and the taxpayer and ratepayer-funded incentives driving explosive growth in the biomass industry.

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BCAP and the fragile economics of biomass harvesting

Farmers are paid $80 – $85 per ton of corn stover for use as ethanol feedstock, much of that from federal subsidies.

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Biomass doesn’t belong in a “Clean Energy Standard”

It’s been an article of faith with many in Congress that everything from Godzilla (nukes) to unicorns (coal with carbon capture) belongs in a Clean Energy Standard. We’re so grateful to find Republicans that acknowledge that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a worthy goal, we figured we’d play along, and submit our comments on why biomass doesn’t belong in a Clean Energy Standard.

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Health Orgs to Congress: leave the Clean Air Act alone!

Health organizations, and the American people, tell Congress to stop legislating science and stop weakening one of the preeminent public health laws in the U.S.

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