Partnership for Policy Integrity Welcomes Two New Staff Scientists

PFPI is pleased to announce the addition of two new staff scientists to its dedicated team: Dr. Jacob Carter and Dr. Sam Davis.

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The IPCC’s Recipe for a Livable Planet: Grow Trees, Don’t Burn Them

Only one pathway avoids dangerous temperature rise without relying on unscalable and unproven technologies.

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DOE’s “Billion Ton” Biomass Report – We read it so you wouldn’t have to

Despite requiring clearcutting of millions of forest acres per year, the Department of Energy declines to assess carbon pollution impacts from a biofueled economy.

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USDA’s Promotion of Tree-Burning Undermines the Administration’s Climate Goals

False claims that wood pellets are climate-friendly misrepresent Forest Service science and are an ominous sign for US forests.

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Senate Legislation Cedes the US Forest Carbon Sink to the Biomass Industry – Even as Forests Are Already Declining

We all know burning trees drives climate change, but Senate legislation now being considered would dictate that burning more trees does not increase carbon pollution.

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Misleading Claims by Pellet Giant Enviva to the SEC

34 investment groups with over $53 billion in assets under management have requested that the SEC examine claims of climate benefits in the biomass energy sector, and enforce disclosure rules

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Biomass Industry Forest Carbon Accounting Explained Simply (Investors, Take Note!)

If you’re someone who’s been suckered by biomass industry claims that burning trees doesn’t emit carbon, this post’s for you.

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Federal Trade Commission Bioenergy Report

Bioenergy Greenwashing Explained

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MA biomass regulations – what do they mean?

Considering renewable energy is supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including low-efficiency, high-emissions biomass power in state RPS programs doesn’t make sense.

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