Korean solar industry makes unprecedented legal challenge to “green” credentials of biomass energy

Canadian citizen joins suit against Korean government alleging irreparable harm to forests and climate from use of British Columbia wood pellets

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EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy: Burning Trees Isn’t Green

Finance standards reject EU’s biomass “sustainability criteria” as not protecting forests and the climate

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Massachusetts Groups Urge Gov. Baker to Stop Using Public Funds to Subsidize Wood-Burning Energy

The Baker Administration is doling out large sums to bolster the logging industry at the expense of the climate

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New analysis of government data finds burning wood for electricity will undermine Clean Power Plan

The Energy Information Administration found biomass will displace solar energy, not coal, if classified as “carbon neutral” in the Clean Power Plan.

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USDA’s Promotion of Tree-Burning Undermines the Administration’s Climate Goals

False claims that wood pellets are climate-friendly misrepresent Forest Service science and are an ominous sign for US forests.

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Coalition calls on White House to take wood-burning power plants out of plan for reducing greenhouse emissions

There’s really no better way to sabotage the Clean Power Plan than by burning up the forest carbon sink in power plants and then treating the electricity generated as if it has zero emissions.

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Clearcutting forests for biomass to keep aging coal plants operating – the biomass industry’s “Clean Power” plan

It’s time to stop referring to this dirty, environmentally destructive industry as “clean” energy, and start calling it what it is – an obscenity.

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PFPI petitions EPA to overturn permit for Piedmont Green Power, a 60.5 MW biomass plant in Georgia

The facility, which received millions in federal clean energy funding, has a “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy for fuel contamination

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Virginia Groups to EPA: Tree-burning Isn’t “Clean” Power

Dominion Power and other big utilities want to replace coal with wood, threatening forests and the climate.

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EPA Proposes Final Guidance for Counting Carbon Emissions from Wood-burning Power Plants: Admits They Degrade Climate, Then Ignores Science

No doubt many of the biomass power plants responsible for emitting 78 million tons of carbon dioxide – more than the combined power sector emissions of 13 states – claim they’re burning “sustainably” sourced fuels

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