Trump Coal Power Plan Could Increase Use of Forest Biomass as Coal Replacement

Allowing states to co-fire biomass with coal will undermine the main objective of increasing coal plant efficiency

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Pruitt’s parting shot: a Clean Power Plan that will actually increase CO2 emissions

Co-firing biomass with coal will increase emissions, decrease power plant efficiency, and increase forest destruction, to boot.

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Status of amendments that would force EPA to treat bioenergy as carbon neutral, and the urgent need for legislative opposition

Legislating that biomass energy has no carbon pollution is legislating a lie.

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Groups Say U.P. Biomass Power Plant Blankets Community in Toxic Soot

Burning shredded tires and pesticide-treated railroad ties, the L’Anse Warden plant is allowed by its permit to emit more pollution than Michigan’s coal plants.

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Biomass in the Clean Power Plan: More Accountability, But Still Considered “Zero-Emissions”

Emission reductions should be “quantifiable, verifiable, non-duplicative, permanent and enforceable.” Is this even possible with biomass?

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Coalition calls on White House to take wood-burning power plants out of plan for reducing greenhouse emissions

There’s really no better way to sabotage the Clean Power Plan than by burning up the forest carbon sink in power plants and then treating the electricity generated as if it has zero emissions.

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Representative Beyer (VA) to EPA: Treating biomass as carbon neutral allows Virginia’s forests to be harvested for fuel

“I share the concern that Virginia will become known as a state that harvests forests to reduce its dependence on coal, rather than one that develops renewable technologies that clearly reduce emissions, such as solar and wind”

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Clearcutting forests for biomass to keep aging coal plants operating – the biomass industry’s “Clean Power” plan

It’s time to stop referring to this dirty, environmentally destructive industry as “clean” energy, and start calling it what it is – an obscenity.

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PFPI petitions EPA to overturn permit for Piedmont Green Power, a 60.5 MW biomass plant in Georgia

The facility, which received millions in federal clean energy funding, has a “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy for fuel contamination

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Letter from Rep. Connolly (VA) to EPA: Treating bioenergy as carbon neutral may undermine the Clean Power Plan

Treating biomass as carbon-neutral may have unintended consequences that could actually undermine and inhibit our ability to reduce carbon emissions.

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