EU climate plan bets on non-existent technology to reduce emissions

Plans for climate neutrality rely on doubling biomass burning and trapping CO2 using geological storage, locking EU into climate failure.

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Korean solar industry makes unprecedented legal challenge to “green” credentials of biomass energy

Canadian citizen joins suit against Korean government alleging irreparable harm to forests and climate from use of British Columbia wood pellets

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Climate Week 2019 Screenings of “Burned: Are Trees the New Coal?”

Join us to see the film that’s got everyone talking about the biomass and wood pellet industries, and hear about the lawsuit filed against the European Union for treating burning trees as “zero-emissions.”

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Enviro Advocates Call Out MA Gov. Baker For Promoting Dirty Fuels As Renewable Energy

If the Baker administration gets their way, more so-called “clean energy” in MA will come from burning garbage and biomass

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EPA rears up, acknowledges co-firing biomass with coal increases GHG emissions

Combustion physics lend support to a minor rebellion against lawmakers who legislated biomass as “carbon neutral”

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Groups Urge Senator Udall to Clean Up His Renewable Energy Bill

Why are pro-climate action legislators still advocating burning trees for energy?

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Springfield Groups Slam ENE for Peddling Polluting Palmer Power to Eastern Mass Munis

The groups urge residents to turn out to rescheduled June 5th hearing on regulatory rollback of MA biomass rules

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Virginia Admits Biomass Isn’t Carbon Neutral, But Treats It As Zero Emissions in Climate Plan

Dominion-Flavored Doublespeak Will Weaken Climate Progress

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New UK Biomass Policy Removes Subsidies For High-Carbon Wood Pellets

Even ignoring the CO2 coming out the smokestack, the new policy sets a lifecycle emissions standard that imported wood pellets can’t meet

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Trump Coal Power Plan Could Increase Use of Forest Biomass as Coal Replacement

Allowing states to co-fire biomass with coal will undermine the main objective of increasing coal plant efficiency

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