Vermont’s latest biomass power plant: about as green as week-old toast

Numbers from the Beaver Wood Energy biomass plant reveal it will be one of the biggest polluters in Vermont.

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How much of your “clean, renewable” energy comes out of a smokestack?

The biomass power industry produced 1.4% of power in the United States in 2009, but a far greater proportion of air pollution. How is this “clean” energy, again?

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Massachusetts regulations promote forest harvesting for biomass fuel

By pretending that cutting and burning whole trees doesn’t add carbon to the atmosphere, the newly watered-down Massachusetts regulations claim the legitimacy of being “based on Manomet” – while ignoring that study’s key finding.

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Credit: Ecology Action Centre.

The biomass industry burns whole trees for fuel – here’s proof

The biomass industry often claims they don’t burn whole trees for fuel. New pictures show that not only are whole trees used for fuel, but these are very large trees indeed.

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Taxpayer-funded biomass pollution – a summary of subsidies

Taxpayers and ratepayers should not have to pay extra for “renewable” energy that accelerates forest cutting, increases greenhouse gas emissions, and pollutes the air.

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