EPA Holds Piedmont Green Power Accountable for Air Pollution

The Piedmont biomass plant burns hundreds of thousands of tons of wood, but doesn’t ensure fuels are uncontaminated and doesn’t test for hazardous air pollutants

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Groups Say U.P. Biomass Power Plant Blankets Community in Toxic Soot

Burning shredded tires and pesticide-treated railroad ties, the L’Anse Warden plant is allowed by its permit to emit more pollution than Michigan’s coal plants.

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PFPI petitions EPA to overturn permit for Piedmont Green Power, a 60.5 MW biomass plant in Georgia

The facility, which received millions in federal clean energy funding, has a “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy for fuel contamination

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Not the “clean energy” we had in mind

Lithonia, GA and Manchester, UK, are facing polluting, high-emissions biomass power plants sold as “green” power, even though air pollution is already at unhealthy levels.

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Claims of “clean” energy uncovered for Vermont’s next high emissions biomass plant

The biomass plant proposed for North Springfield VT will be a large source of pollution and use unsustainable amounts of wood for fuel.

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Op-Ed: Don’t contaminate concept of clean energy

We all pay for phony “clean” and “renewable” energy choices — in publically funded subsidies, but also in toxic air pollution, climate warming, and damage to the environment. It’s time to reclaim the concept of clean energy, lest it be contaminated forever.

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Op-Ed: Collins should fight for limits on toxic pollution, not against them

Now is not the time to weaken the Clean Air Act, which has served Maine and the nation well for decades.

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American Lung Association energy policy opposes biomass combustion for heat and power

The American Lung Association does not support biomass combustion for electricity production…and strongly opposes the combustion of wood and other biomass sources at schools and institutions with vulnerable populations.

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Want to know what toxins you’re breathing? Easy visualization from the National Air Toxics Assessment

Using the Google Earth maps allowed us to see that census tracts surrounding the proposed Palmer Renewable Energy biomass plant in Springfield MA already have the highest combined respiratory and cancer risk in Western Massachusetts.

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