Our Work

How We Work

Community by community and across the world, we use science, litigation, policy analysis and strategic communications to promote policies that protect climate, ecosystems, and people.

PFPI works on US federal and state policy, European policy, climate litigation, and financing.  We collaborate with partner organizations and activists all over the world.

Since 2010, PFPI has been a leading organization working to counter exploitation of our forests for fuel by:

  • Producing robust science on carbon, air pollution, and forest impacts of biomass energy production
  • Supporting community groups that oppose biomass projects
  • Educating policymakers, regulators, financial institutions, and the public
  • Providing science and policy support to other NGOs working to protect forests and defeat the biomass industry, and
  • Bringing litigation that challenges misleading claims of the biomass industry and its advocates.

PFPI is currently engaged in two priority campaigns, the Forest Defenders Alliance in the European Union and the No Toxic Biomass campaign in Massachusetts. We also partner with the Lifescape Project on the Forest Litigation Collaborative.


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