Oil and gas drilling and fracking threaten forests, drinking water sources, and community health.

Under the leadership of Dusty Horwitt, PFPI’s former Senior Counsel and oil and gas expert, PFPI spent five years investigating the EPA’s health assessments and regulatory determinations for chemicals used in drilling and fracking. PFPI reviewed thousands of EPA documents, conducted state-level research into toxic chemicals with help from the FracTracker Alliance, and issued three critical reports. During that time, we also provided analysis and advocacy on behalf of citizens and testified in Pennsylvania at the request of the Attorney General. Efforts included:

  • Coordinating with members of Congress, together with health professionals and first responders, to petition the EPA to reveal the drilling and fracking chemicals identified as potentially harmful under the federal Toxic Substances Control Act;
  • Encouraging DC area water suppliers and distributors to protect drinking waters supplies by supporting a total ban on fracking in Virginia; and
  • Advocating against fracking in the George Washington National Forest in the Appalachian Mountains.

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