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January 2023

G7, January 28. The share of renewables in EU energy consumption has fallen, but the figures are also greatly distorted by the burning of firewood (Hungarian)

Energetyka 24, January 28. Wood as renewable energy?  IEA admits it's problematic (Polish)

Yesil Gazette, January 28. No, wood burning is not climate friendly (Turkish)

HirKlikk, January 23. Hungary manipulates the data of green solutions (Hungarian)

EURACTIVE, January 23. Exposed: How EU countries use firewood to bloat their renewable energy stats (also available in Slovak, French, and German)

RND, January 21.  How far is your district in terms of the energy transition? (German)

KPFA/Terra Verde, January 6. Global Wood Bioenergy Sector Eyes California’s Forests

Energy Monitor, January 5. Should the EU count wood as a renewable fuel? Opinions are divided.


December 2022

E&E Daily, December 22. ‘Carbon neutral’ scores another victory in omnibus

Daily Caller, December 22. Green Activists Seethe After Susan Collins Gets Firewood Branded A ‘Carbon Neutral’ Energy Source In Spending Bill

Climate Monitor, December 21. NOAH: Europe's nature is suffering under the EU's crisis law for the energy sector (Danish)

Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, December 19.  Woody Biomass Under Fire in Virginia

Boston Globe, December 5. Court upholds decision to revoke permits for Springfield biomass plant


November 2022, November 29. Forest protection - That's how important trees are for us and our climate (German)

Daily Hampshire Gazette, November 19. Rejection of biomass as ‘renewable’ rooted in western Mass. advocacy

Greenfield Recorder, November 18. State biomass rejection rooted in western Mass. advocacy

Euractive, November 16. Time to stop counting forest biomass as ‘renewable energy’, November 14. Biomass can ruin Europe (Hungarian)

Greenfo, November 14.  Europe is rapidly losing its forest carbon sink (Hungarian)

Euractive, November 7. Europe rapidly losing its forest carbon sink, study shows (English, German)


October 2022

Ming Pao, October 23. Wood classified as renewable energy with high actual carbon emissions (Chinese)


September 2022

Politico, September 21. Green groups open fire on EU sustainable investment list

il Fatto Quotidiano, September 21. Europe towards the elimination of subsidies to forest biomass. But for environmentalists too many exceptions and uncertain times (Italian)

edie, September 21. Brussels sued for including fossil gas in EU’s green finance taxonomy

Business Wire, September 20. PFPI: Tide Turning on Use of Wood-Burning for Renewable Energy in Europe

Economia Circolare, September 20. Renewable Energy Directive, lights and shadows of the new EU provision (Italian), September 19. In 2 Separate Suits, NGOs Sue European Commission Over Green Investment Label

EURACTIVE, September 19. Brussels sued for including fossil gas in EU’s green finance taxonomy (English, ItalianGreek)

Telex, September 16. Until now, the forests have been burned with state support, and there are still loopholes for this (Hungarian)

Mongabay, September 16. EU votes to keep woody biomass as renewable energy, ignores climate risk

EURACTIVE, September 16. Forest activists hail EU move to cap biomass fuels, industry worried (English, FrenchItalian)

New York Times, September 15. European Union Signals a Move Away from Wood Energy

WCAX, September 14. Vermont Climate Council takes on role of biomass energy production

Financial Times, September 14. EU vote exposes tensions over use of forests for fuel

The Guardian, September 14. EU limits subsidies for burning trees under renewable energy directive

Agrifood Today, September 14. “Burning forests is not clean energy”: the environmentalist battle in Brussels against pellets (Italian)

Rinnovabili, September 14. The EP approves the 2030 renewable directive but on bioenergy it is controversial (Italian)

MagicTech, September 14. The EU vote exposes tensions over the use of forests as a fuel (Italian)

Europa Today, September 13. “Burning forests is not clean energy”: the environmentalist battle in Brussels against pellets (Italian)

EURACTIVE, September 12. EU Parliament groups rally behind plans to end biomass subsidies (English, French, German)

RiffReporter, September 12. RED III alert – EU sets course for forest’s future (German)

Politico, September 9. The EU must stop burning trees for renewable energy

Europa Today, September 9. “Burning forests is not clean energy”: the environmentalist battle in Brussels against pellets (Italian)

DeSmog, September 7. Biomass Lobby Makes ‘False’ Claims to Sway EU Law-makers

E&E News, September 6. Jet fuel deal takes off for wood-to-energy company


August 2022

Dig Boston, August 31. State Wire: “The Expectation Is Extra Money Will Go Towards Clean Energy”

Mongabay, August 29. Biomass cofiring loopholes put coal on open-ended life support in Asia

WWLP-22 News, August 12.  Baker punctuates formal session’s end by signing clean energy bill

MassLive, August 12. Wood-burning power plants in Mass. won’t qualify for renewable energy credits. Local activists are celebrating

The Baltic Times, August 12. Expert assessment: Drafting of Estonia’s forestry development plan non-transparent

PoliticoPro, August 5. Biomass ‘carbon neutral’ label in legislative limbo again

The Boston Globe, August 2. Legislature amends climate bill, leaving its fate in Governor Baker’s hands


July 2022

The Telegraph, July 28. ‘Greenwashing’ power station given £2.4m in daily subsidies must ‘justify environmental claims’

Energy Live News, July 28.  Drax under scrutiny over alleged “misleading” CO2 claim

The Mail, July 28. Wood-burning plant in eco probe

Daily Mail, July 28. Fury as British Gas owner Centrica’s ‘obscene’ half-year profits increase FIVE-FOLD to £1.34 BILLION as it’s revealed UK’s household energy bills could rocket to £500 per month after Russia cut Europe’s gas supplies

Tagesspiegel Background, July 28. OECD contact point examines accusations against Drax

Bloomberg, July 27.  Drax Green Credentials Under Review as Campaigners Cry Foul

Utility Week, July 27. Drax faces challenge over biomass claims

ENDS, July 27. Drax faces investigation over greenwashing

Politico, July 27. OECD to consider greenwashing complaint against UK bioenergy plant, July 27. Group of NGOs complaint to the UK NCP about Drax Group PLC

CommonWealth, July 14. Cut the subsidies for biomass energy: Burning trees to produce power is disastrous folly

June 2022

EU Observer, June 28. Member states water down renewable energy proposal

May 2022

NewAge, May 28.  The Biomass Peril

CityWatchLA, May 23. The Biomass Peril

CounterPunch, May 20.  The Biomass Peril

Salto Al Dia, May 19. Europe reconsiders its reliance on burning wood for electricity (Spanish)

SmogLab, May 19. Polish MEPs in favor of burning forests in power plants. “Huge disappointment” (Polish)

New York Times, May 18. Europe Rethinks Its Reliance on Burning Wood for Electricity

Mongabay, May 18. EU Parliament’s Environment Committee urges scale back of biomass burning

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May 10. “Sustainable biomass”— A paper tiger when it comes to reducing carbon emissions

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May 10. Introduction: Can we grow and burn our way out of climate change?

April 2022

English language coverage

Financial Times, April 13. Biomass industry lobbies to weaken proposed EU woodland protection

DeSmog, April 12. Biomass Industry Pushes Back Against Europe’s Plans To Protect Woodlands

EURACTIVE, April 6. The false promise that burning forest wood can replace Russian fossil fuels

RobinWood, April 6. Activists demand a stop to the combustion of forest wood

Portugal Resident, April 5. (New) Renewable Energy ‘Scandal’

CityWatchLA, April 4. Wood-Pellet Manufacturing Destroys Our Rainforests

RobinWood, April 1. New report: How the EU is burning trees in the name of renewable energy

CounterPunch, April 1. Wood-Pellet Manufacturing in a Rainforest

European languages coverage

Krytyka Polityczna, April 14.  Biomass – a burnt joke about a green future (Polish)

Swiat Oze, April 9. Renewable energy, but not that of European forests (Polish)

Esquerda, April 7. Europe’s biomass plants burn tree trunks (Spanish)

Die Presse, April 7. A critical look at biomass (German)

De Telegraaf, April 5. Report punctures Timmerman’s promise: complete trees used for biomass (Dutch)

il Fatto Quotidiano, April 5. Biomass with zero impact? “Not only processing waste, but trees cut down only to produce pellets in plants in EU countries” – The exclusive document (Italian)

Interia Zielona, April 5. A new report shows that the sustainable sourcing of biomass is a fiction (Polish)

Zero, April 5. European biomass industry burns logs but claims sustainability (Portuguese)

Zeit Online, April 5. Climate neutral energy?  Are you kidding me?  (German)

March 2022

WBUR, March 29. Opponents torch proposed rules for burning wood to create electricity in Mass.

The Walrus, March 28. The controversial biofuel threatening British Columbia’s forests

The New Statesman, March 11. Boycotting Russia’s oligarch-run timber trade would deliver an overdue rebuke

February 2022

English language coverage

Reuters, February 4.  Campaigners begin legal fight against EU green investment rules – documents. Full article & links also available on EURACTIV.

European languages coverage

Lusa, February 6. NGOs file complaint against European Commission for ‘polluting the climate in an ecological way.  (Portuguese)

Renascenca, February 6. Zero files complaint against European Commission (Portuguese)

NPO Radio 1, February 4. Cutting down forests to save the environment? (Dutch/NL)

AD, February 4. Environmental groups tell Brussels: ‘Firing up forests is not a climate contribution.’  (Dutch/NL)

De Telegraaf, February 4. Legal battle for biomass: ‘Don’t put those billions into burning forests’.  (Dutch/NL)

Ambiente Magazine. 04 Feb. 2022. European NGOS Challenge Commission Measures for Violating Taxonomy Regulation. (Portuguese)

January 2022

RadioFM4, January 21. Is EU Climate Policy Going Up In Smoke? (print story) and Is EU Climate Policy Going Up In Smoke? (video story)

Public News Service, January 18. MA Groups: Time is Now to End Biomass Subsidies

Express, January 15. Boris facing more disaster as ‘green’ power station emits more CO2 than many coal plants

BBC News, January 14. The ‘green’ row over the UK’s largest renewable power plant

The American Conservative, January 12. Burning the Forest for the Trees

December 2021

Huffington Post, December 18. A ‘Green’ Energy Project Leaves A Mississippi Town Gasping For Air

Financial Times, December 1. UK’s Drax accelerates push to biomass

November 2021

EURACTIV, November 23. LEAK: EU strategy seeks to remove carbon from atmosphere

CommonWealth Magazine, November 19. Baker’s new biomass rules are a step backward

EURACTIV, November 16. NGO’s ‘set fire’ to protest use of forest biomass

Global Legal Chronicle, November 12. The Lifescape Project and The Partnership for Policy Integrity’s Complaint Against Drax Group plc

EuroNews.Green, November 10. 100 charities urge the EU to end use of some biomass as ‘renewable’ energy

Scoop. November 10. Global NGOs Warn COP26 That Burning Forest Wood For Energy Sabotages Climate Action

Mongabay, November 9. COP26: Surging wood pellet industry threatens climate, say experts

Mongabay, November 8. Scientists urge Biden to remove logging, fossil fuels, biomass from budget bills

UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 Press Conference, November 6. Stand.Earth, Climate Action Network Canada – Beyond Burning, Beyond Biomass (video)

The Beet, November 5. 105 Countries Pledge to End Deforestation By 2030

Mongabay, November 3. COP26 Glasgow Declaration: Salvation or threat to Earth’s forests?

Financial Times, November 2. COP26 deforestation deal criticised over lack of detail on enforcement 

October 2021

Mishcon de Reya, October 27. Mishcon Purpose advises on landmark complaint that Drax is ‘greenwashing’ woody biomass emissions

Nation of Change, October 27. Report examines ‘Net Zero’ climate strategies, finds corporate plans lacking in lead up to COP26

ENDS Report, October 26. ‘Greenwashing’: Campaigners challenge Drax on environmental claims

NRDC, October 26. The UK Must Stop Subsidizing Its #1 Climate Polluter: Drax

DeSmog, October 26. Report Examines ‘Net Zero’ Climate Strategies, Finds Corporate Plans Lacking in Lead up to COP26

The Global Legal Post, October 25. ‘A critical complaint at a critical moment’ – Mishcon advises on ‘greenwashing’ claims against UK power giant

Financial Times, October 25. Drax faces complaint about ‘misleading’ biomass emission claims

One Earth, October 25. We can’t burn our way out of the climate crisis

Inside Climate News, October 17. The Biomass Industry Expands Across the South, Thanks in Part to UK Subsidies. Critics Say it’s Not ‘Carbon Neutral’ 

September 2021

Public News Service, September 13. MA Groups Push Bill to Stop Clean-Energy Subsidies for Woody Biomass Plants

August 2021

Canada’s National Observer, August 23. Yellowknife banks on a controversial climate solution

IHS Markit, August 23. Fit for 55: Bioenergy without carbon capture gets short end of the stick

Mongabay, August 19. Burning forests to make energy: EU and world wrestle with biomass science 

July 2021

Daily Hampshire Gazette, July 26. Biomass critics press lawmakers for more stringent regulations

Public News Service, July 22. Experts: more logging won’t stop Oregon’s wildfires

E&E News, July 14. Collins vows to defend ‘carbon neutral’ branding for biomass

Mongabay, July 12. The science of forest biomass: Conflicting studies map the controversy

CNN, July 9. How marginalized communities in the South are paying the price for “green energy” in Europe

The Baltic Times, July 7. US doctor of ecology dismisses environmental policy of EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson

E&E News, July 2. Spending bill would strip biomass of ‘carbon neutral’ status

Financial Times, July 1. The EU’s biomass dilemma: can burning trees ever be green? 

June 2021

ENDS Europe, June 17. Leak: Forest conservationists slam RED reform plans

Mongabay, June 15. Forest advocates press EU leader to rethink views on biomass and energy

Euractive, June 8. Europe’s Burning Shame on Climate

BirdLife International, June 1. The EU must stop burning its forests and biodiversity 

May 2021

The Narwhal, May 2. From forest to furnace: How the UK’s wood-pellet plants are driving logging in BC

Euractiv, May 11. Brussels rebuked over ‘confusing’ draft EU bioenergy rules

April 2021

Environmental Health News, April 26. Paris climate agreement overlooks wood pellet loophole

Boston Globe, April 16. State bans biomass power plants near environmental justice communities from qualifying for state incentives

MassLive, April 16. New state regulations strike another blow against proposed biomass project in Springfield

Boston Globe, April 2. After years of protests, state officials revoke permit for controversial biomass plant in Springfield

Commonwealth Magazine, April 2. Baker Pulls the Plug on Springfield Biomass Plant

March 2021

Politico, March 26. The ‘Green Energy’ That Might Be Ruining the Planet

MassLive, March 23. Springfield City Council enlists Conservation Law Foundation in fight against Palmer Renewable Energy biomass plant

Commonwealth, March 18. Despite his claims, science is not on Vic Gatto’s side

Popular Science, March 18. Burning wood pellets won’t help us fight climate change

MassLive, March 8. Palmer Renewable Energy can’t greenwash its emissions away

January 2021

MassLive, January 21. Massachusetts should say ‘no’ to biomass incineration in future energy policy

WBUR’s Earthwile, January 12. The New Climate Bill Won’t Make Or Break A Proposed Biomass Plant In Springfield. But Another State Plan Will

MassLive, January 4. Massachusetts Lawmakers Deal Blow to Springfield Biomass Plant

December 2020

Daily Hampshire Gazette, December 31. Scrutiny persists over biomass plant in Springfield

MassLive, December 25. Sens. Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren oppose Springfield biomass project by Palmer Renewable Energy (paywall)

WHMP, December 23. A Poison Pill In The Environmental Bill

Climate and Cities, December 22. Why are we paying people to burn trees?

WBUR, December 22. Mass. Has Strong Rules About Burning Wood For Electricity. In 2021, It Plans To Roll Them Back

November 2020

MassLive, November 25. Phrase ‘non-carbon emitting’ needs to be removed from climate bill (Letters)

De Telegraf (Vienna), November 5. Take the plunge: Is the minister the first to show that forest combustion is not a climate solution? (paywall)

October, 2020

The Narwhal, October 23. Yukon’s climate plans rely on biomass. But is it actually good for the environment?

The Boston Globe, October 21. In the nation’s asthma capital, plans to burn wood for energy spark fury (paywall)

The Narwal, October 9. B.C. gives Pacific BioEnergy green light to log rare inland rainforest for wood pellets

Prince George Daily News, October 8. Conservation North claims old growth being logged for pellets

September, 2020

Saur Energy International, September 28. “Green” Credentials of Biomass Energy Challenged by Korean Solar Industry

July, 2020

The Real News Network, July 20. The Battle Over ‘Clean Energy’ Estimates

Euractiv, July 14. ‘Not all biomass is carbon neutral,’ industry admits

Inside Climate News, July 13. The Wood Pellet Business is Booming. Scientists Say That’s Not Good for the Climate

ENDS, July 6. Campaigners appeal in court case over EU support for wood burning (paywall)

May, 2020

A Greener Life, A Greener World, May 27. Green Voices: Is biomass a bad tool for tackling climate change?

Euractiv, May 19. EU plans sweeping bioenergy review by end 2020

Mongabay, May 13. Scientists warn Congress against declaring biomass burning carbon neutral

ENDS Europe, May 13. Environmentalists consider appeal after EU court rejects action against biomass energy (paywall)

Renewables Now, May 13. Case against EU’s wood biomass policy thrown out of court

Argus Media, May 12. Industry welcomes EU court’s biomass ruling

Counterpunch, May 8. Attacking the Messenger 

April, 2020

EUbusiness, April 28. EU’s bank recovery billions must be green – NGOs

The Narwhal, April 23. B.C. giving millions to transform rainforest into wood pellets for export, new report documents

Mongabay, April 15. Study projects 30% more forest cover if wood biomass is managed right; critics call it a disaster

February, 2020

Inside EPA, February 21. EPA Poised To Send Long-Awaited Biogenic CO2 Proposal For OMB Review (paywall)

Ethical Corporation, February 3. EU urged to stop substituting biomass for coal as concerns over climate impact grow

January, 2020

Common Dreams, January 28. ‘Green New Dud, Not a Green New Deal’: Climate Groups Denounce Draft Bill From House Democrats

Inside EPA, January 27. Democrats’ Imminent GHG Bill Faces Some Early Environmentalist Scorn (paywall)

Common Dreams, January 27. ‘Extremely Disappointing’: New Analysis Offers Scathing Critique of Top Democrat’s CLEAN Future Act

National Geographic, January 15. Will the skyscrapers of the future be made out of wood?

Physics World, January 8. Biomass energy: green or dirty?

The News & Observer, January 3. Slow Burn: Europe uses tons of NC trees as fuel. Will this solve climate change?

December, 2019

Mongabay, December 2. COP25 may put climate at greater risk by failing to address forests

Energy News Network, December 2. Wood pellets cause more climate pollution than coal when they’re burned. So why does Europe call them ‘carbon neutral’?

November, 2019

VT Digger, November 26.The dirty practice of burning wood

October, 2019

Valdosta Times, October 26. On Georgia’s erroneous bioenergy scheme

Euractiv, October 23. Bioenergy, forestry sectors jump on EU’s green finance bandwagon

Newsweek, October 17. Colorado Fracking Study Shows Toxic Chemicals up to 2,000 Feet Away from Drilling Sites

The New York Review of Books, NYR Daily, October 14. The Great Biomass Boondoggle

September, 2019

Energy News, September 30. Ohio Firefighters Kept in the Dark on Drilling and Fracking Chemicals

Mongabay, September 16. UN and policymakers, wake up! Burning trees for energy is not carbon neutral

Akron Beacon Journal, September 16. Energy policy group calls for public disclosure of chemicals used in fracking, September 16. Report: Secret Fracking Chemicals a Concern for Ohio

The Columbus Dispatch, September 16. What’s in fracking chemicals? Energy nonprofit demands answers

Public News Service, September 16. Report: Secret Fracking Chemicals a Concern for Ohio

The Allegheny Front, September 15. Report: “Trade Secret” Chemicals Injected Nearly 11,000 Times at Oil and Gas Wells in Ohio

Canton Repository, September 16. Industry Report: Secret Chemicals Used in Fracking

August, 2019

Wall Street Journal, August 7. Wood Pellets Draw Fire as Alternative to Coal (paywall), August 6. Environmental groups accuse state of ‘deeply flawed’ review of biomass changes; call for more input

July, 2019

West Virginia Public Broadcasting, July 26. Power Plant: How Grass Might Generate Fuel, Help Fix Damaged Mine Lands

American Bar Association, July 22. Improving Climate Risk Disclosures from within the SEC: Moving Forward Absent the Climate Risk Disclosure Act of 2018

Desmog UK, July 15. Creative Carbon Accounting: How Industry and Government Make Burning Wood Look Like a Climate Solution, July 9. Williamstown Select Board Votes to Join Mohawk Trail Partnership

June, 2019

Courthouse News, June 5. EU Plan to Burn Wood Instead of Coal Threatens Forests

WAMC, June 6. Renewable Energy Rules Changes Protested At Springfield Hearing

South Coast Today, June 9. The Local Weather Report: Not in Any Child’s Backyard

BBC “People Fixing the World,” June 11. Can capturing carbon buy us time to tackle climate change?

Greenfield Recorder, June 13.  State extends comment period on biomass

Mongabay, June 19. Carbon to burn: UK net-zero emissions pledge undermined by biomass energy

May, 2019

Commonwealth Magazine, May 14. Get ready for another biomass battle

Berkshire Eagle, May 16. Proposed state rule changes rekindle biomass debate

April, 2019

Inside EPA, April 2. Final SAB ‘Advice’ To EPA On Biomass CO2 Conflicts With Agency Policy (paywall)

Blue Virginia, April 19. Virginia Admits Biomass Isn’t Carbon Neutral, But Treats It As Zero Emissions in Climate Plan

National Geographic, April 26. Tree-Planting Programs Can Do More Harm Than Good

March, 2019

Inside EPA, March 1. Groups Challenge Wood Pellet Plant Permit Over VOC, Climate Concerns (paywall)

Vox, March 4. Europe’s renewable energy policy is built on burning American trees

Wall Street Journal, March 7. Biomass Mess Shows Trouble with Sustainable Investing

Berkshire Eagle, March 20. Groups ask Baker to back off wood-burning initiatives

Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 21. Environmental groups oppose state’s biomass incentives

WAMC, March 22. Environmental Groups Want Massachusetts To Stop Subsidies For Biomass Energy

Media from EU Biomass Case

English-speaking media

Euractiv, March 4. EU dragged to court for backing forest biomass as ‘renewable energy’

The Guardian, March 4.  Europe’s forests threatened by biodiversity collapse, warn campaigners.

Irish Times, March 4. Bord na Móna cited in landmark EU case on use of forest biomass

Climate Home, March 4. Burning wood for power breaches EU treaty, new lawsuit claims

New Scientist, March 4. EU sued for making global warming worse by subsidising wood burning

Green News, March 4. Irish group takes case to Europe over biomass burning

ENDS Europe, March 4. Campaigners launch legal bid to axe RED II biomass provisions

Climate Liability News, March 4. EU Sued for Climate Impacts of Burning Wood for Energy

Radio WVTF, March 4. Lawsuit in Europe Could Protect Virginia Forests

Lexology, March 4. Legal challenge to biomass rules in Renewable Energy Directive issued at European court

Politico Pro Morning Energy and Climate Europe, March 5. Regulation/Climate – NGO’s sue the EU over biomass

Renewables Now, March 5. Lawsuit attacks biomass use under EU’s RED II

Business Green, March 5. Burning wood for power breaches EU treaty, new lawsuit claims

New Civil Engineer, March 6. European lawsuit threatens Drax power plant

The Ecologist, March 6. Burning wood for power ‘breaches EU treaty’

Mongabay, March 6. EU sued to stop burning trees for energy; it’s not carbon neutral: plaintiffs

Electrek, March 6. Biomass battle: lawsuit challenges EU on ‘renewable energy’ definition

Bioenergy Insight, March 7. NGO files order against inclusion of biomass in REDII

The Hill (opinion), March 7. Industrial wood burning is adding to climate change

Canadian Biomass, March 11. Lawsuit attacks EU’s approval of biomass in RED II

Eco-Business, March 12.  EU sued to stop burning trees for energy

Euractiv (opinion), March 20. Burning trees as climate mitigation: A resort to the Court

For media in languages other than your own, use Chrome browser for translation


Mondiaal Nieuws, March 15. “EU policy follows reckless assumption that burning forest wood is carbon neutral”


The Baltic Course, March 5. Environmental organizations file lawsuit in EU court against renewable energy directive

Telegram, March 5. The environmental associations provided a support scheme for deforestation in the European Court of Justice

Postimees, March 5. Environmental associations gave the Wood Energy Support Scheme to the European Court of Justice

ä, March 5. Environmental associations gave the Wood Energy Support Scheme to the European Court of Justice

Pealinn, March 5. Environmental associations gave the Wood Energy Support Scheme to the European Court of Justice

Sputnik, March 6. Estonian poet Hasso Krull tries to push the energy policy of the European Union down.


Journal de l’environnement, March 7. The ENR Directive in the view of forest protectors

Bioenergie International, March 11. Sustainable biomass, first renewable energy on the planet, attacked by lobbies!

Reporterre, March 11. An action against the industrialization of the forest

Up Magazine, March 12. Should our forests pay the price of the energy transition?

Selectra, March 15. European Union: biomass more polluting than coal?

La Provance, April 2 – Aix-en-Provence – biomass power station: a collective action against Europe


De Volkskrant, March 12. Felling trees for the Climate Agreement; how the use of biomass can also be counterproductive

Newshour, April 4, 2019 – (Minute 32.40 up to 40.04).

Romania, March 7. Fire wood could be excluded from the renewable target

February, 2019

Financial Advisor Magazine, February 27 – Accurate Reporting Of Biofuels’ Impact Needed

January, 2019

The Greenfield Recorder, January 14 – Protesters rally at state forest

October, 2018

The Gainesville Sun, October 24 – Report:  GREC contract among country’s worst

CBC Radio Canada, October 22 – Documentary argues that burning biomass is worse for the environment than coal

The Greenfield Recorder, October 17 – More than 1000 sign a petition against logging

September, 2018

Philadelphia Business Journal, September 17 – More than half of Pennsylvania gas wells used ‘secret’ fracking chemicals

The Times-Tribune, September 13 – Disclose all fracking chemicals (paid subscription)

NJ Spotlight, September 13 – Governor Urged To Block Discharge Of Fracking Waste In Delaware River Basin

Food & Water Watch, September 12 – What Fracking Chemicals are Threatening Your Water? That’s a secret, September 12 – Environmentalists urge Gov. Murphy to ban fracking waste from entering New Jersey

StateImpact Pennsylvania, September 11 – More than half PA gas wells used ‘secret’ chemicals for fracking or drilling, report says

New Hampshire Union Leader, September 9 – Another View — Catherine Corkery and James McCaffrey: Biomass bill sells out NH residents

NH Journal, September 6 – The Strange Bedfellows of Biomass Politics 

August, 2018

Energy News, August 23 – With New Hampshire biomass supports on hold, what about the waste wood?

July, 2018

Daily Hampshire Gazette, July 31 – Mass. energy bill offers limited boost to renewables

Concord Monitor, July 19 (op-ed) – Jamie Sayen: The truth about mega-biomass

May, 2018

Eco RI News, May 27 – Biomass Bill that Supports Special Interest Over Science Exposes Statehouse’s Long Disregard for Environment

Uprise RI, May 26 – Biomass Incineration Bill Opposed at State House Rally

Eco RI News, May 25 – Opposition Accuses Biomass Developer of Pay to Play

Ecoshock Radio, May 23 – Interview with PFPI Director Mary Booth

Providence Journal, May 16 – R.I. lawmakers poised to OK biomass bill

The Conversation, May 8 – The EPA says burning wood to generate power is ‘carbon-neutral.’ Is that true?

New York Times, May 3 – Pruitt Is Wrong on Burning Forests for Energy

Environmental Health News, May 1 – Fracking chemicals “imbalance” the immune system

Mongabay, May 2 – UN forest accounting loophole allows CO2 underreporting by EU, UK, US

April, 2018

Green Building News, April 30 – Report Cites Carbon Impact of Biomass Plants

Clean Tech Canada, April 27 – The humble waste-wood pellet is quietly becoming Canada’s other contentious energy export

Eco RI News, April 26 – Biomass Power Burns Quickly Through Legislature

BNN Bloomberg, April 26 – Canada’s other contentious energy export sees strong growth potential

Bloomberg Environment, April 24 – EPA Biomass Policy Unlikely to Offer Short-Term Industry Boost (paid subscription)

Coastal Review, April 23 – EPA to Treat Biomass as Carbon Neutral

March, 2018

Politico, March 23 – Here’s What’s in the Budget Bill Nobody’s Bothered to Read

Eco RI News, March 1 – Report Claims Wood-Based Energy Doesn’t Add Up

February, 2018

WOOC-FM 105.3 (Troy, NY), Feb 28 – Interview with Laura Haight

Inside EPA/Climate, February 26 – Study finds big GHG impact from biomass residuals (paid subscription)

Halifax Examiner, February 23 – Nova Scotia is Destroying its Forests by Chasing the Biomass Delusion

Environmental Research Letters, February 21 – Not Carbon Neutral: Assessing the Net Emissions Impact of Residues Burned for Bioenergy

DeSmog UK, February 21- UK Efforts to Weaken EU Controls on Biomass Undermine Climate Change Efforts

Climate Change News, February 21- Documents Reveal UK Push to Water Down EU Biomass Regulations

January, 2018

Inside EPA, January 17 – RGGI Expansion Forces States To Grapple With Biomass, Leakage Issues (paid subscription)

Washington Post, January 5 – A hole in Virginia’s climate plan (op-ed)

December, 2017

Lancaster Online, December 28 – Documenting EPA fracking concerns

WAMC, December 27 – Massachusetts Issues Guidelines For Woody Biomass To Qualify For Alternative Energy Incentives

Greenfield Recorder, December 22 – Green committee opposing state biomass guidelines

Amherst Bulletin, December 20 – State includes wood, biomass in alternative energy standards

Boston Globe, December 12 – Biomass plan will undercut climate change efforts, critics say

Greenfield Recorder, December 10 – State biomass use regulations under protest

Steubenville (Ohio) Herald-Star, December 2 – Responders Seeking Fracking Chemical Identities

Weirton (W.Va.) Daily Times, December 2 – First Responders Ask for Transparency for Fracking Chemicals

Martin’s Ferry (Ohio) Times Leader, December 1 – Fracking Chemical Clarity is Requested

The Intelligencer/Wheeling (W.Va.) News-Register, December 1 – Belmont County Emergency Officials Seek Ingredients in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid

November, 2017

Water Online, November 30 – Report: EPA Had Undisclosed Concerns Over Fracking Chemicals

Marketplace, November 15 – “The Public Has a Right to Know”:  Fracking Companies Don’t Have to Disclose Chemicals Linked to Health Concerns

Marketplace, November 14 –  Documents Show Undisclosed EPA Health Concerns on Fracking Chemicals

August, 2017

Inside Sources, August 22 – Biomass: America’s Not-So-Clean Green Fuel

Greenfield Recorder, August 14 – Editorial: All in favor of wood-burning that’s gentler on environment

Worcester Telegram, August 12 – Burning Problem: Worcester County 8th highest in US for woodfire pollution

WGBH News, August 10 – Despite The Bio-Mass Flareup, Baker Continues To Move Forward On Renewable Energy

Eagle-Tribune, August 8 –  Clear the smoke from wood-burning proposal (editorial)

Daily Hampshire Gazette, August 8 – Editorial: Need for biomass balance

Daily Hampshire Gazette, August 7 – Battle over biomass subsidies at state energy resources hearing

Southeast Energy News, August 7 – Q&A: Advocate says biomass energy is the new coal

Climate Central, August 7 – Massachusetts May Overlook Climate Impacts of Biofuels

WWLP, 22 News, August 7 – Hearing on biomass regulations held in Holyoke

WAMC, August 7 – Massachusetts Considers Clean Energy Subsidies For Some Wood Burning

Boston Globe, August 7 – Burning trees for fuel may soon qualify for state subsidies

Greenfield Recorder, August 6 – Is wood burning as ‘clean’ as we think? State environmental policy questioned

Daily Hampshire Gazette, August 4 – State wood burning policy to face questions in Holyoke

Springfield Republican, August 3 – New alternate energy subsidies opponents to protest at Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources hearing in Holyoke

July, 2017

Greenfield Recorder, July 14 – Public hearing on clean energy rule changes planned

June, 2017

Renewable Energy World, June 30 – Why Biomass Remains a Challenge, Even in Timber-rich Georgia

Concord Monitor, June 19 – Our Turn: Biomass bill is a bad deal for New Hampshire

Seascoast Online, June 14 – Focus should be on lowering electricity rates not raising them

May, 2017

Undark, May 3 – The Forever Debate: Is Burning Wood for Electricity a Good Idea?

April, 2017

Portland Press Herald, April 21 – Report: Maine propping up unsustainable biomass power industry

February, 2017

New Scientist, February 23 – The EU’s renewable energy policy is making global warming worse

December, 2016

Arizona Sun, December 8 – Coal burning plant experiments with burning woody biomass

November, 2016

InsideEPA/Climate, November 7 – Planned Plant Modification Intensifies Opposition To Biomass Amendment (paid subscription)

October, 2016

InsideEPA/Climate, October 28 – Environmentalists Target Collins In Stepped Up Bid To Kill Biomass Measure (paid subscription)

Huffington Post, October 27 – Are We Fracking Away Our Health?

East Oregonian, October 19 – Groups seek to ax biomass loophole.

InsideEPA/Climate, October 17 – Regulation: SAB biomass panel member Sedjo questioned on advocacy (paid subscription)

The Free Press of Maine, October 13 – Could “Carbon Neutral” Biomass Amendment Cripple Climate Progress?

InsideEPA/Climate, October 6 – Outside Views: NAFO says PFPI white paper ‘not relevant’ to biomass rider (paid subscription)

InsideEPA/Climate, October 5 – Warning Of ESPS Impacts, Advocates Ramp Up Biomass Rider Attacks (paid subscription)

New York Times, October 4 – Next ‘Renewable Energy’: Burning Forests, if Senators Get Their Way

E&E Daily, October 4 – Carbon neutrality push undercuts Clean Power Plan – study (paid subscription)

Politico Pro, October 4 – Greens worry lawmakers could repeat RFS mistakes in biomass debate (paid subscription)

September, 2016

Energy and Environment Daily, September 21 – Wyden sees ‘opportunity’ in disputed biomass provision (paid subscription)

InsideEPA/Climate, September 16 – Environmentalists Cite Michigan Plant As Warning Against Biomass Rider (paid subscription) 

August, 2016

DeSmog Blog, August 10 – Fact-Checking The Biomass Lobby’s New Website

July, 2016

Boston Globe, July 30 – Why the state’s plan on wood pellets is drawing criticism.

Bloomburg Government, July 13 – What’s in, what’s not for the energy conference

Politico Morning Agriculture, July 13: Wood Pellet Firestorm, Part II

Politico Morning Agriculture, July 12: Wood Pellet Firestorm

InsideEPA/Climate, July 5: Energy Bill Conference Prompts Advocates To Target Biomass GHG Provision (subscription required)

InsideEPA/Climate, July 11: Waxman Expects Obama Veto Threat Over Spending Bill’s Biomass Rider (subscription required)

InsideEPA/Climate, July 5: CBD Cites High Court Labor Ruling To Back Its Biomass Case (subscription required)

May, 2016

Inside EPA/Climate, May 27 – Litigation: EPA agrees to deadline for biomass permit petition response (subscription required)

Greenwire, May 26 – Tentative deal reached in suit over Ga. biomass plant (subscription required)

DeSmog Blog, May 14: Why the Biomass Industry’s Carbon Arguments Should Make You Spit Out Your Coffee (guest post)

Truthout, May 13 – Fracking’s Air Pollution Puts Infants and Children at Risk of Developing Heart, Lung Problems: New Study

April, 2016

WVTF Radio, April 6 – Virginians Critical of Wood-Burning Energy

March, 2016

Undark Magazine, March 16 – Pellet Problem: Biomass & Climate

InsideEPA/Climate, March 15 – Pellet Maker Defends GHG Disclosures As ‘In Full Compliance’ With Law (subscription required)

InsideEPA/Climate, March 14 – Investor Groups Ask SEC To Investigate Pellet Maker’s Climate Disclosures (subscription required)

Daily Mail, March 12 – ‘Wood-pellet fuel emits more carbon than coal’: U.S. watchdog to probe shock claims on power giant Drax’s ‘green’ supplier

Daily Mail, March 12 op-ed – SIMON WATKINS: Britain’s energy policy is going up in smoke thanks to decades of short-term politically driven policies

InsideEPA/Climate, March 7 – EPA Actions Raise Concern Over Possible GHG Waivers For Waste Plants (subscription required)

InsideEPA/Climate, March 3 – Biomass CO2 Amendment Highlights Industry Split Over Wood Pellets (subscription required)

February, 2016

InsideEPA/Climate, February 23 – With ESPS Stayed, Fight Over Biomass CO2 Shifts To RGGI’s Upcoming Cap (subscription required)

Portland Press Herald, Feb 23 – Op-ed: Maine Voices: Collins, King propose energy legislation that’s not forest-friendly

The Missoulian, February 19 – Op-ed: Montana should protect carbon-rich forests, not burn them for energy

Inside EPA, February 25 – With ESPS Stayed, Fight Over Biomass CO2 Shifts To RGGI’s Upcoming Cap (subscription required)

Inside EPA, February 22 – Advocates Fault SAB Panel Over Method For Estimating Biomass CO2 (subscription required)

E&E Climatewire, February 5 – Biomass amendment reignites Clean Power Plan debate (subscription required)

ClimateProgress, February 5 – Can Burning Forests To Power The Grid Be Carbon Neutral? The Senate Just Said ‘Yes’

Inside EPA, February 3 – Senate Biomass GHG Policy Sparks Advocates’ Concerns Despite Changes (subscription required)

Greenfield Recorder, February 1 – Mohawk debates wood pellet boilers

Climate Daily News, February 1 – Advocates Sue EPA For Failing To Act On Georgia Biomass Plant Petition

November, 2015

Mining Gazette, November 30 – L’Anse-Warden biomass power plant draws EPA attention

EcoRI News, November 18 – Carbon Concern a Burning Issue for Southern N.E.

Truthout, November 5 – “Abandoned” by EPA: Landowners Demand Inclusion in EPA National Fracking Study

October, 2015

York Dispatch, October 6 – DEP holds listening session on clean power plan

Lebanon Daily News, October 6 – DEP hears concerns at Clean Power Plan listening session.

September, 2015

State Impact, September 16 – Pennsylvania holds its first ‘listening session’ on Clean Power Plan

Athens Banner Herald, September 12 – Alabama company plans wood-burning electricity plants near Athens

Michigan Public Radio, September 9, 2015 – Two environmental groups seek tougher pollution controls for Upper Penninsula renewable energy plant

August, 2015

Roll Call, August 14 – Congress Can’t Legislate Away Troubling Truths About Biomass Energy (Op-ed)

July, 2015

Comstock’s Magazine, July 24 – Burn Notice

Australian Broadcasting’s “Background Briefing” July 23 – Australia’s ‘dirtiest’ power station considers ‘clean energy’ biomass burning option.

DeSmogBlog, July 19 – Biomass Industry Intensifies Fight for Carbon-Neutral Status as Obama Admin Carbon Rules Draw Near

June, 2015

New York Times, June 23 – Climate Change Calls for Science, Not Hope

Daily Mail (UK), June 6 – The UK’s £1billion carbon-belcher raping US forests…that YOU pay for: How world’s biggest green power plant is actually INCREASING greenhouse gas emissions and Britain’s energy bill.

DeSmogBlog, June 4 –   Biomass Is Not A Zero-Carbon Fuel Source, So Why Does The Clean Power Plan Propose To Treat It That Way?

Washington Post, June 2 – How Europe’s climate policies led to more U.S. trees being cut down.

May, 2015

Bangor Daily News, May 28 – Burning wood for power pollutes more than coal. Angus King’s biomass bill ignores this (Op-ed)

Counterpunch, May 8 – Renewable Energy isn’t a Shortcut to Reversing Global Warming

April, 2015

Al Jazeera America, April 20 –  A city goes renewable, but raises questions about impact of biomass power

February, 2015

Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, February 23, 2015  – Court Ruling Puts Controversial Eastern Kentucky Biomass Plant Closer to Reality

December, 2014

Inside EPA, December 30, 2014 – Environmentalists Suggest Suit Over EPA’s Treatment Of Biomass In ESPS (subscription only)

November, 2014

Bangor Daily News, November 25 – New EPA report could be a boon to Maine biomass energy producers

October, 2014

Centre Daily Times, October 26 – Environmental group criticizes Penns Valley biomass burner

August, 2014

KTRE, Lufkin and Nacogdoches TX, August 12 – Officials looking at biomass plant in Sacul as site for new gas-fired electrical plant

Waste 360, August 11 – Biomass power firms mislead in their advertising – advocacy group

WAMU, Washington DC, August 11 – Environmentalists say Dominion misleads customers on ‘green’ energy

July, 2014

Clean Technology Business Review, July 30 – Policy group urges FTC to investigate misleading green claims on biomass

Allegheny Front, July 30 – Burning biomass isn’t squeaky clean

ClimateWire, July 29 – Green group charges that calling forest-based fuels ‘carbon neutral’ is false advertising

WFPL, Louisville KY, July 29 – Policy group asks FTC to review ‘misleading’ green claims about biomass

WVTF, Virginia Public Radio, July 29 – A question of language for Dominion Power

Richmond Times Dispatch, July 29 – Environmental group questions biomass power claims

The News Virginian, July 29 – Report finds ‘greenwashing’ covers false advertising

May, 2014

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, May 5 – Research group, Reading power plant operator at odds over clean energy designation

Midwest Energy News, May 2, 2014 – In Michigan, debate over burning trees for biomass energy

April, 2014

The Tyee, April 22 – Biomass fuel: Worse for Climate than Coal?

Worcester Telegram, April 20 – Advocates and critics examine field of biomass energy

News and Farmer/Wadley Herald, April 17 – Report calls biomass the new coal

Roll Call, April 14 – Lax EPA regs allow biomass to pollute more than coal

Allgov, April 14 –  EPA loopholes allow biomass facilities to create more toxic pollution than coal

Clean Technica April 14 – Biomass emissions question arises again

Inside EPA, April 11 – Biomass Sector Criticizes Advocates’ Push for Stricter EPA Air Permitting (subscription only)

Port Townsend Leader, April 9 – PTPC officials won’t request extension to build cogeneration plant

Inside Climate News, April 9 – EPA Loopholes Allow Biomass to Emit More Toxic Air Pollutants Than Coal, Study Says

Downstream Business, April 8 – Wood-fired Power Plants ‘Worse Than Coal’ – Study

The Guardian, April 7 –  IPCC report proposes sucking carbon out of the air as climate fix

Post and Courier, April 6 –   Biomass battle: EPA in crossfire between ‘green’ industry and environmental concerns

Bangor Daily News, April 6 –  Environmental group’s report comes under fire after citing Bucksport mill as one of dozens of ‘dirty’ biomass plants

Morning Sentinel, April 5 –  Study cites nonexistent biomass plant at Madison Paper

Crossroads News, April 4 –  Biomass pollution worse than thought

Inside EPA, April 4 – Advocates Urge EPA To Strengthen Air Permit Mandates For Biomass Plants (subscription only)

Ecowatch, April 4 – Biomass electricity more polluting than coal

Bloomburg, April 3 – Air Pollutants From Biomass Burning Exceeds Coal

MaineBiz, April 3 – Verso contests report saying biomass is dirtier than coal, April 3 – What’s worse than burning coal? Burning wood

Bangor Daily News, April 3 – Bucksport mill one of dozens of ‘dirty’ biomass plants, environmental group claims

E&E, April 3 – U. N. report explores bioenergy’s potential for pulling CO2 out of the air

WYMT TV, April 2 – Study: Biomass energy not so ‘green’

E&E/Greenwire, April 2 – Report slams biomass sector, dubbing it ‘the new coal’

Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, April 2 – Report: Company Pushing Biomass Plant in Kentucky Misled About Pollution Rate

E&E, April 2 – Review of air permits finds high pollution rates for biomass energy — environmental group (subscription required)

The State, April 2 – Biomass plants take hit for pollution

Lexington Herald-Leader, April 2 – Report: Wood-burning power plants emit more pollution per megawatt than coal plants

Post and Courier, April 1 – Harleyville wood-burning ‘biomass’ power plant under fire from environmental group

Redding Record Searchlight, April 1 – Report challenges ‘clean energy’ claims of biomass (subscription required for full article)

March, 2014

Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, March 20 – How Politics, Misinformation & Money Fueled A Power Plant In Coal Country

Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, March 20 – Is Biomass The Answer For A Region Powered By Coal?

December 2013

Inside EPA, December 6 – Environmentalists Fear EPA Will Make Biomass GHG Deferral Permanent (subscription only)

Energy Weekly News, December 5 – Investors Seek SEC Scrutiny Of Biomass Energy Claims By Dominion Resources, Southern Co. And Covanta (subscription only)

Waste Management World, December 2 – Investors ask SEC to investigate how Dominion, Southern Co., Covanta report risks from biomass 

November 2013

Social, November 22 – Investors Call for Improved Disclosures by Operators of Wood-Burning Power Plants

Waste Dive, November 22 – Investors challenge Covanta’s disclosures

Biomass Magazine, November 21 – Bioenergy companies respond to PFPI report, letter to SEC

SNL Power Daily, November 21 – Investors ask SEC to investigate how Dominion, Southern Co., Covanta report risks from biomass (subscription only)

The News & Advance, Lynchburg, VA, November 21 – Mass. group says clean biopower claim is misleading

The News Virginian, Waynesboro/Charlottesville, VA, November 21 – Group says clean biopower claim is misleading

Waste 360, November 21 – Investors Ask SEC for Better Disclosure from Covanta, Other Biomass Firms

Penton Insight, November 21 – Investors Ask SEC for Better Disclosure from Covanta, Other Biomass Firms (subscription only)

Inside EPA/IWP News, November 20 – Investors Ask SEC To Evaluate Biomass CO2 Disclosure Risks (subscription only)

Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA, November 20 – Mass. group says clean biopower claim is misleading

E & E News, November 1 – Green groups urge end to biomass tax credits (subscription only)

August 2013

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, August 1 – NY Congressman Presses President Obama on Hudson Valley Project

July 2013

WHMP Radio, Northampton, MA, The Bill Newman Show, July 16 – Interview with Mary Booth (on federal court vacatur of EPA biogenic C deferral; starts at 31:40)

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, July 17, 2013 – Federal Court Decision Could Affect Biomass Industry

June 2013

Virginia Pilot, Norfolk, Virginia, June 9 – The pitfalls of wood-fueled power plants

WHMP Radio, Northampton, MA, The Bill Newman Show, June 13 – Interview with Director Mary Booth (on air quality and climate change).

May 2013

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, May 8 – MassDEP Releases Updated Waste Management Master Plan

Times Herald-Union, Montgomery, NY, May 22 – NYPIRG joins fight against Taylor plant

Mid-Hudson News, Hudson Valley, NY, May 23 – Environmental groups urge DOE to reject $100 million loan guarantee for Taylor Biomass

Albany Times Union, Albany, NY, May 24 – Waste energy loan fought

Truthout, May 30 – Hundreds Protest Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees in North Carolina

WHMP Radio, Northampton, MA, The Bill Newman Show, May 28 – Interview with Director Mary Booth (on Solutia coal plant project)

March 2013

Valley Free Radio, Northampton, MA, March 12 – Interview with PFPI Attorney Kelly Bitov

Truthout, March 15 – Dispelling the Myth of Clean, Green Biomass Power

February 2013

The Springfield Republican, MA, Feb. 11 – Environmental groups threaten to sue state to force Eastman Chemical to upgrade air quality controls at Solutia plant in Springfield

The Ludlow Register, MA, Feb. 20 – DEP may be sued over expired Solutia air permit

The Green Blog, Boston Globe, MA, Feb. 13 – Environmental groups plan to sue state over expired air pollution permit

WHMP Radio, Northampton, MA, The Bill Newman Show, Feb. 15 – Interview with PFPI Attorney Kelly Bitov

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Feb. 28 – Environmentalists Urge Mass DEP to Take Precautions in Updated Waste Management Plan (text and audio)

January 2013

Shale Play, Jan. 24 – Report questions biomass energy

December 2012

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dec. 12 – Study says burning repurposed wood could harm children

Scranton Times-Tribune, Dec. 12 – Report: PA needs stricter controls on wood-burning boilers

Johnstown Tribune Democrat, Dec. 12 – Local sites included in report slamming biomass initiatives

Bedford County Free Press, Dec. 12 – PA Subsidizes Polluting Biomass Burners Near Vulnerable Populations

WESA (Pittsburgh NPR affiliate), Dec. 12 – Report Calls for More Wood Burning Rules

The Carlisle Sentinel, PA, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood-burning boilers a threat to health

Lebanon Daily News, PA, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood-burning boilers a threat to health

Ellwood City Ledger, PA, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood-burning boilers a threat to health (Link expired)

WHTM27, ABC Affiliate, Harrisburg, PA, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood burning boilers a threat to health (Link expired)

WHLT22, CBS Affiliate, Pittsburgh, PA, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood burning boilers a threat to health (Link expired)

The Republic, Columbus, Indiana, Dec. 12 – Study: Small Pa. wood-burning boilers emit more pollution than coal or gas, threaten health

SF Gate, San Francisco Chronicle, CA, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood burning boilers a threat to health (Link expired)

The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood-burning boilers a threat to health

Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA, Dec. 12 – Study: Pa. wood-burning boilers a threat to health (Link expired)

Pocono Record, Stroudsburg, PA, Dec. 13 – Wood-burning boilers questioned

State Impact (Philadelphia and Harrisburg NPR affiliates), Dec. 14 – Pa.’s Biomass Burners Harm Air Quality Near Schools, Study Shows

Allegheny Front, Western PA Environmental Radio, Pittsburgh, PA, Dec. 15 – Interview with Director Mary Booth

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA, Dec. 26 – OP-ED:  Dirty truths: Wood-burning biomass facilities are hardly a clean energy alternative

October 2012

Commonwealth Magazine, Oct. 2012 – Closing the biomass carbon loophole

September 2012

Rutland Herald, VT, Sept. 18 – Group: biomass plants neither ‘clean’ nor ‘green’

Tampa Bay Times, FL, Sept. 21 – Biomass Power Plant Near Brooksville Should Raise Concerns

August 2012

Times Herald Record, Middleton, NY, Aug. 10 – Biomass Incentives Criticized

Greenfield Recorder, MA, Aug. 18 – State finalizes biomass regulations

NPR, Aug. 20 – Wood Energy Not ‘Green’ Enough, Says Mass.

Inside EPA, Aug. 29 – SAB Faces Competing Pressures For Review Of EPA Biomass CO2 Plan (Subscription only)

July 2012

Wall Street Journal, July 23, 2012 – Wood-fired plants generate violations.

Albany Times Union, NY, July 16 – OP-ED: Don’t contaminate concept of clean energy

Times Herald Record, Middletown NY, July 25 – OP-ED: New York State must reject ‘clean energy’ plants that defy the term

June 2012

Lewiston Sun Journal, ME, June 25 – OP-ED: Cookstoves, power plants, and Sen. Susan Collins


Mary Booth and Richard Wiles, Op-ed Boston Globe: “Destroying forests for no gain” (Jan. 26, 2011)

Mary Booth on “Living on Earth” (Feb. 4, 2011)

Mary Booth on “The Exchange”, New Hampshire Public Radio: “The Morass over Biomass” (June 20, 2011)

Mary Booth, Op-ed Boston Globe: “Red flag on a green energy plan” (May 25, 2009)


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