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When industry gets worried about clearcutting for biomass fuel, it’s time for EPA to listen

Packaging Corporation of America worries that the 50 MW We Energies biomass plant will result in unforeseen forest management impacts, including clearcutting of northern hardwood stands for whole tree chips.


Biomass CO2 more than 11 states power sectors combined, but EPA won’t regulate

By delaying regulation of biomass carbon, EPA is greenlighting biomass emissions of 350 million tons of unregulated CO2 a year, equivalent to all the coal fired power plants in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.


DOE clings to carbon neutral myth at Nippon Paper biomass plant

The environmental impact assessment from the Department of Energy reads like a biomass industry talking points memo, with whole chunks of text lifted straight from documents submitted by the developer.


Biomass Industry Hogwash: Exposing NAFO’s Master Plan

NAFO’s strategy to convince EPA that biomass carbon emissions shouldn’t count relies on outsourcing carbon pollution to forests somewhere else.


Biomass doesn’t belong in a “Clean Energy Standard”

It’s been an article of faith with many in Congress that everything from Godzilla (nukes) to unicorns (coal with carbon capture) belongs in a Clean Energy Standard. We’re so grateful to find Republicans that acknowledge that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a worthy goal, we figured we’d play along, and submit our comments on why biomass doesn’t belong in a Clean Energy Standard.


Utility Biomass Threatens Ohio’s Forests

Power companies in Ohio have set their sights on burning trees for electricity as a way to get a few more years out of their oldest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants. Ohio has included “trees” in its definition of renewable energy sources. Wood demand to generate the 2,100 megawatts of “renewable” power certified by the State would require nearly 30 million tons of trees per year.

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EPA Delay On Regulating Biomass CO2 Is A Giveaway To Industry

EPA does not need to wait three years to assess the greenhouse gas implications of burning biomass for energy, and doing so will create a fleet of permanently unregulated plants that are huge greenhouse gas emitters.


Vermont, wake up and do the math!

Many public officials don’t seem to recognize the threat that large-scale biomass plants and wood pellet manufacturing plants present to the State’s forests.

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Massachusetts Manomet Study: Biomass Worse Than Coal for 40 Years

The only independent, multi-stakeholder study of the carbon impacts of burning trees to generate electricity found that it would take 40 years of forest regrowth just to get to parity in carbon pollution with burning coal for those same four decades. To get to parity with natural gas would take almost a century.

Dogwood Alliance - Cypress Clearcut

Class action lawsuit alleges wood pellet maker Enviva is “engaged in textbook greenwashing”

We’re shocked – shocked! – to hear of Enviva’s “reckless disregard for the truth

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EU climate plan bets on non-existent technology to reduce emissions

Plans for climate neutrality rely on doubling biomass burning and trapping CO2 using geological storage, locking EU into climate failure.


Estonian law student takes on state-owned Finnish forestry company in battle to save her childhood singing fields

Case could make it easier for communities and NGOs to protect forests across Estonia, where vital woodland has been decimated by industrial logging

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An Ambitious Climate Plan that Doesn’t Waste Time on False Solutions

The US Climate Action Network (USCAN) Vision for Equitable Climate Action roundly rejects biomass energy and offers a progressive plan for saving the planet


“Paper Tiger” report shows new EU biomass rules greenlight increased forest destruction

Analysis supports appeal of lawsuit against EU on forest biomass

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Advocates Urge Mass Legislature to Pass Bills Protecting Forests and Climate

Bill McKibben, E.O. Wilson, Join Call for Urgent Action


Enviro Advocates Call Out MA Gov. Baker For Promoting Dirty Fuels As Renewable Energy

If the Baker administration gets their way, more so-called “clean energy” in MA will come from burning garbage and biomass


The Truly Green Path Forward in 2019

Focusing on forests in the Green New Deal can create jobs and save the climate

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The IPCC’s Recipe for a Livable Planet: Grow Trees, Don’t Burn Them

Only one pathway avoids dangerous temperature rise without relying on unscalable and unproven technologies.


Environmentalists applaud UK Government decision to restrict subsidies for new biomass power stations

Decision is key to protecting forests in the US Southeast, which are being cleared to fuel UK wood pellet demand


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