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Trump Coal Power Plan Could Increase Use of Forest Biomass as Coal Replacement

Allowing states to co-fire biomass with coal will undermine the main objective of increasing coal plant efficiency

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How UK Bioenergy Hurts Forests and the Climate

If the UK is serious about addressing climate change, it must help restore and expand forests – not burn them for energy.


Your one-stop shop for the latest fire science

Thinning forests to reduce fire risk makes sense around structures, but is counterproductive in the backcountry

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PFPI, Allies Call Out Greenwashing During So-Called “Clean Energy Week”

Because Clean Energy Doesn’t Come Out of a Smokestack

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DOE’s “Billion Ton” Biomass Report – We read it so you wouldn’t have to

Despite requiring clearcutting of millions of forest acres per year, the Department of Energy declines to assess carbon pollution impacts from a biofueled economy.


Status of amendments that would force EPA to treat bioenergy as carbon neutral, and the urgent need for legislative opposition

Legislating that biomass energy has no carbon pollution is legislating a lie.

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Risible RISI: Why the Biomass Industry’s Carbon Arguments Should Make You Spit Out Your Coffee

The biomass industry’s Carbon Ponzi Scheme may fool lawmakers, but it won’t fool the atmosphere


Briefing: Forest and Climate Impacts of Biomass Energy

Slides from PFPI’s portion of April 6 briefing on biomass energy, hosted by Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey’s office.


Representative Beyer (VA) to EPA: Treating biomass as carbon neutral allows Virginia’s forests to be harvested for fuel

“I share the concern that Virginia will become known as a state that harvests forests to reduce its dependence on coal, rather than one that develops renewable technologies that clearly reduce emissions, such as solar and wind”

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Biomass Industry Forest Carbon Accounting Explained Simply (Investors, Take Note!)

If you’re someone who’s been suckered by biomass industry claims that burning trees doesn’t emit carbon, this post’s for you.

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Class action lawsuit alleges wood pellet maker Enviva is “engaged in textbook greenwashing”

We’re shocked – shocked! – to hear of Enviva’s “reckless disregard for the truth

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EU climate plan bets on non-existent technology to reduce emissions

Plans for climate neutrality rely on doubling biomass burning and trapping CO2 using geological storage, locking EU into climate failure.


Estonian law student takes on state-owned Finnish forestry company in battle to save her childhood singing fields

Case could make it easier for communities and NGOs to protect forests across Estonia, where vital woodland has been decimated by industrial logging

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An Ambitious Climate Plan that Doesn’t Waste Time on False Solutions

The US Climate Action Network (USCAN) Vision for Equitable Climate Action roundly rejects biomass energy and offers a progressive plan for saving the planet


“Paper Tiger” report shows new EU biomass rules greenlight increased forest destruction

Analysis supports appeal of lawsuit against EU on forest biomass

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Advocates Urge Mass Legislature to Pass Bills Protecting Forests and Climate

Bill McKibben, E.O. Wilson, Join Call for Urgent Action


Enviro Advocates Call Out MA Gov. Baker For Promoting Dirty Fuels As Renewable Energy

If the Baker administration gets their way, more so-called “clean energy” in MA will come from burning garbage and biomass


The Truly Green Path Forward in 2019

Focusing on forests in the Green New Deal can create jobs and save the climate

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The IPCC’s Recipe for a Livable Planet: Grow Trees, Don’t Burn Them

Only one pathway avoids dangerous temperature rise without relying on unscalable and unproven technologies.


Environmentalists applaud UK Government decision to restrict subsidies for new biomass power stations

Decision is key to protecting forests in the US Southeast, which are being cleared to fuel UK wood pellet demand


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