Virginia Admits Biomass Isn’t Carbon Neutral, But Treats It As Zero Emissions in Climate Plan

Dominion-Flavored Doublespeak Will Weaken Climate Progress

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Virginia should cover wood-burning power plants under its carbon plan

Exempting wood-burning plants and the industrial sector will leave about a quarter of the state’s emissions unregulated

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Virginia groups call on Congress to oppose biomass carbon neutrality myth

Legislating that bioenergy produces no carbon pollution makes as little sense as legislating that climate change does not exist.

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Representative Beyer (VA) to EPA: Treating biomass as carbon neutral allows Virginia’s forests to be harvested for fuel

“I share the concern that Virginia will become known as a state that harvests forests to reduce its dependence on coal, rather than one that develops renewable technologies that clearly reduce emissions, such as solar and wind”

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Letter from Rep. Connolly (VA) to EPA: Treating bioenergy as carbon neutral may undermine the Clean Power Plan

Treating biomass as carbon-neutral may have unintended consequences that could actually undermine and inhibit our ability to reduce carbon emissions.

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Shareholder Resolution at Dominion Resources, Virginia: Biopower Investments Need Scrutiny

Since this resolution was offered last year, Washington, DC has eliminated renewable energy subsidies for low efficiency biomass power, meaning that Dominion will not be able to benefit from this market.

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Virginia Groups to EPA: Tree-burning Isn’t “Clean” Power

Dominion Power and other big utilities want to replace coal with wood, threatening forests and the climate.

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Trees, Trash, and Toxics: How Biomass Energy Has Become the New Coal

Lax regulations allowing contaminated wastes to be burned as biomass mean that communities need to protect themselves – they can’t count on air permits to minimize bioenergy pollution.

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Investors press Dominion to come clean on biomass power risks

Dominion should conduct a study explaining the risk to their substantial biomass power investments if, and when, bioenergy CO2 is regulated

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Securities and Exchange Comm. Bioenergy Report

Investors With $100 Billion in Assets Complain to SEC of Misleading and Incomplete Statements About Climate Benefits, Carbon Neutrality, and Risk of Regulatory Action.

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