Senate Legislation Cedes the US Forest Carbon Sink to the Biomass Industry – Even as Forests Are Already Declining

We all know burning trees drives climate change, but Senate legislation now being considered would dictate that burning more trees does not increase carbon pollution.

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Vermont biomass power plant denied approval on basis of greenhouse gas emissions

Public Service Board states North Springfield Sustainable Energy would “not promote the general good”

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Claims of “clean” energy uncovered for Vermont’s next high emissions biomass plant

The biomass plant proposed for North Springfield VT will be a large source of pollution and use unsustainable amounts of wood for fuel.

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Vermont’s plans for bioenergy threaten forests

“Until the state has a solid understanding of how much wood is realistically available without diminishing the long-term health and diversity of our forests, and until there is a protective harvesting standard in place, there should be a moratorium on any new, large-scale facilities in Vermont.”

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Vermont’s latest biomass power plant: about as green as week-old toast

Numbers from the Beaver Wood Energy biomass plant reveal it will be one of the biggest polluters in Vermont.

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Credit: Ecology Action Centre.

The biomass industry burns whole trees for fuel – here’s proof

The biomass industry often claims they don’t burn whole trees for fuel. New pictures show that not only are whole trees used for fuel, but these are very large trees indeed.

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What role for biomass in Vermont’s energy future?

The goal of the Vermont Energy Plan is to help the state develop energy sources that are abundant, safe, and healthy, and above all, do not exacerbate climate change. Biomass energy does not meet these criteria.

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Biomass Electricity: Clean Energy Subsidies for a Dirty Industry

A new report gives the most comprehensive listing to date of biomass power facilties proposed around the country, and the taxpayer and ratepayer-funded incentives driving explosive growth in the biomass industry.

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When industry gets worried about clearcutting for biomass fuel, it’s time for EPA to listen

Packaging Corporation of America worries that the 50 MW We Energies biomass plant will result in unforeseen forest management impacts, including clearcutting of northern hardwood stands for whole tree chips.

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Vermont, wake up and do the math!

Many public officials don’t seem to recognize the threat that large-scale biomass plants and wood pellet manufacturing plants present to the State’s forests.

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