Secret Fracking Chemicals Threaten Delaware River Basin, Pennsylvania

State governments and the oil and gas industry still won’t come clean on what’s in fracking fluids

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Ensuring the Clean Power Plan is Actually “Clean”: Resources for Citizens

The Clean Power Plan contains loopholes that could actually make climate change and air pollution worse. Citizens can help states write compliance plans that reduce emissions and avoid dirty energy.

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The 100 Most Polluting Biomass Energy Facilities in Pennsylvania – Map, Database, and Report

There is no better time than ‘National Bioenergy Day’ (October 22nd) for people to learn how much taxpayer money has been wasted on highly polluting biomass burners in Pennsylvania.

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Trees, Trash, and Toxics: How Biomass Energy Has Become the New Coal

Lax regulations allowing contaminated wastes to be burned as biomass mean that communities need to protect themselves – they can’t count on air permits to minimize bioenergy pollution.

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Bioenergy in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has spent millions of dollars in public funds on bioenergy that emits more pollution than oil and gas.

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