Secret Fracking Chemicals Threaten Ohioans’ Health, Drinking Water

Ohio law allows drilling companies to hide chemical identities, even from first responders; EPA records suggest secret fracking chemicals pose serious health risks

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Ohio Groups Tell EPA, Our Forests Aren’t for Burning

Treating bioenergy as if it has no carbon emissions could make proposed coal-to-wood conversions in Ohio viable, threatening the state’s forests with being cut for biomass fuel.

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Biomass Electricity: Clean Energy Subsidies for a Dirty Industry

A new report gives the most comprehensive listing to date of biomass power facilties proposed around the country, and the taxpayer and ratepayer-funded incentives driving explosive growth in the biomass industry.

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Utility Biomass Threatens Ohio’s Forests

Power companies in Ohio have set their sights on burning trees for electricity as a way to get a few more years out of their oldest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants. Ohio has included “trees” in its definition of renewable energy sources. Wood demand to generate the 2,100 megawatts of “renewable” power certified by the State would require nearly 30 million tons of trees per year.

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EPA Delay On Regulating Biomass CO2 Is A Giveaway To Industry

EPA does not need to wait three years to assess the greenhouse gas implications of burning biomass for energy, and doing so will create a fleet of permanently unregulated plants that are huge greenhouse gas emitters.

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