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Toxic Secrets: Companies Exploit Weak US Chemical Rules To Hide Fracking Risks

Toxic Substances Control Act allows companies to conceal information on chemical identities, risks; Congressional reform effort would not fix problems…

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EPA Fracking and Drinking Water Study Should be Rewritten

A significant discrepancy between the executive summary and the body of report makes it look as if EPA is intentionally misrepresenting its research.

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EPA’s Study Presents an Incomplete Picture of Fracking and Drinking Water Impacts

Concluding a lack of “widespread, systemic impacts” while ignoring impacts from spills and injection of billions of gallons of wastewater is misleading.

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EPA’s fracking study found proven harm, serious risk and inadequate science – so what’s the problem?

The report found that fracking can — and has — contaminated drinking water through several pathways, refuting drilling industry protests that such contamination is impossible.

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Fracking in the George Washington National Forest: An Unnecessary Risk

The Bureau of Land Management has a terrible track record for inspecting gas wells its own scientists have said are high risk. Now the George Washington National Forest is at risk from drilling, and BLM oversight.

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Largest DC Area Water Provider Opposes Fracking in George Washington National Forest

With the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s resolution, every major water provider in the DC area now opposes gas extraction in the George Washington National Forest

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