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Secret Fracking Chemicals Threaten Ohioans’ Health, Drinking Water

Ohio law allows drilling companies to hide chemical identities, even from first responders; EPA records suggest secret fracking chemicals pose serious health risks

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First Responders, Health Professionals Question EPA’s Decision to Hide Fracking Chemicals

EPA Documented Leaks and Spills but Says People Won’t be Exposed

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N.J. Gov. Murphy Calls for Ban on Fracking Activities in Delaware River Basin

Cites Risks of Secret Fracking Chemicals

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Secret Fracking Chemicals Threaten Delaware River Basin, Pennsylvania

State governments and the oil and gas industry still won’t come clean on what’s in fracking fluids

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Thirty-three Members of Congress Ask EPA to Reveal Secret Fracking Chemicals

By keeping these chemical identities confidential, the EPA is putting first responders in harm’s way

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First Responders, Health Professionals, Scientists Ask EPA to Disclose Secret Drilling and Fracking Chemicals

EPA Regulators Identified Health Risks ranging from Lung Irritation to Neurotoxicity, but Approved Chemicals for Use

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Unique Identifiers Could Shed Light on Confidential Fracking Chemicals

Citizens should be able to find out if EPA has health concerns about fracking chemicals.

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Maryland Fracking Ban Would Protect DC Area Drinking Water

A big victory for drinking water in the DC area and throughout the Free State.

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EPA’s Fracking and Drinking Water Study: A Win for Science, but More Work Remains

Fracking has contaminated water supplies though spills, poorly sealed wells, seepage, and well blowouts.

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Evidence Suggests Obama Administration Manipulated Fracking Study

A statement that EPA’s study hadn’t found widespread, systemic impacts on water systems is at odds with the actual findings of the report

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