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“Paper Tiger” report shows new EU biomass rules greenlight increased forest destruction

Analysis supports appeal of lawsuit against EU on forest biomass

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Toxic Secrets: Companies Exploit Weak US Chemical Rules To Hide Fracking Risks

Toxic Substances Control Act allows companies to conceal information on chemical identities, risks; Congressional reform effort would not fix problems…

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Misleading Claims by Pellet Giant Enviva to the SEC

34 investment groups with over $53 billion in assets under management have requested that the SEC examine claims of climate benefits in the biomass energy sector, and enforce disclosure rules

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The 100 Most Polluting Biomass Energy Facilities in Pennsylvania – Map, Database, and Report

There is no better time than ‘National Bioenergy Day’ (October 22nd) for people to learn how much taxpayer money has been wasted on highly polluting biomass burners in Pennsylvania.

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Federal Trade Commission Bioenergy Report

Bioenergy Greenwashing Explained

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Trees, Trash, and Toxics: How Biomass Energy Has Become the New Coal

Lax regulations allowing contaminated wastes to be burned as biomass mean that communities need to protect themselves – they can’t count on air permits to minimize bioenergy pollution.

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Securities and Exchange Comm. Bioenergy Report

Investors With $100 Billion in Assets Complain to SEC of Misleading and Incomplete Statements About Climate Benefits, Carbon Neutrality, and Risk of Regulatory Action.

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Bioenergy in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has spent millions of dollars in public funds on bioenergy that emits more pollution than oil and gas.

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