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Class action lawsuit alleges wood pellet maker Enviva is “engaged in textbook greenwashing”

We’re shocked – shocked! – to hear of Enviva’s “reckless disregard for the truth

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Environmental coalition sues the European Commission over inclusion of biomass and forestry activities in EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

EU Commission has refused to reconsider taxonomy, which directs ‘sustainable investment’ towards activities causing immense environmental harm.

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Challenging Greenwashing, NGOs Take Aim at Sweeping EU Finance Policy

“Green” investment criteria for bioenergy and forestry will increase emissions and degrade forests

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Estonian law student takes on state-owned Finnish forestry company in battle to save her childhood singing fields

Case could make it easier for communities and NGOs to protect forests across Estonia, where vital woodland has been decimated by industrial logging

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Korean solar industry makes unprecedented legal challenge to “green” credentials of biomass energy

Canadian citizen joins suit against Korean government alleging irreparable harm to forests and climate from use of British Columbia wood pellets

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EU Biomass Case Denied Access to The Courts

Paying people to burn wood for energy and simply counting the emissions as zero, as the EU now does, is hollowing out forests and actually increasing GHG emissions. Stopping this practice is essential climate mitigation – which is what we desperately need.

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PFPI Launches Lawsuit Challenging Forest Biomass in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive

The EU’s treatment of forest biomass as carbon neutral is harming forests, the climate, and communities.

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Media Briefings for EU Biomass Case

The Center for Climate Integrity will host a media telebriefing to discuss a landmark climate lawsuit being filed that same day against the European Union.

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Federal Court Rules EPA Must Regulate Carbon Dioxide From Biomass Power Plants

The court’s decision recognizes that the plain intent of the Clean Air Act is to regulate pollutants emitted at the smokestack – including CO2.

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Five Groups Sue EPA Over Punt on Biogenic Greenhouse Gas Regulation

EPA has been presented with ample evidence that biomass energy increases greenhouse gas emissions, but has ignored the science to favor a politically-connected industry.

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