Trump Coal Power Plan Could Increase Use of Forest Biomass as Coal Replacement

Allowing states to co-fire biomass with coal will undermine the main objective of increasing coal plant efficiency

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Pruitt’s parting shot: a Clean Power Plan that will actually increase CO2 emissions

Co-firing biomass with coal will increase emissions, decrease power plant efficiency, and increase forest destruction, to boot.

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Virginia should cover wood-burning power plants under its carbon plan

Exempting wood-burning plants and the industrial sector will leave about a quarter of the state’s emissions unregulated

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Toxic Secrets: Companies Exploit Weak US Chemical Rules To Hide Fracking Risks

Toxic Substances Control Act allows companies to conceal information on chemical identities, risks; Congressional reform effort would not fix problems…

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Ensuring the Clean Power Plan is Actually “Clean”: Resources for Citizens

The Clean Power Plan contains loopholes that could actually make climate change and air pollution worse. Citizens can help states write compliance plans that reduce emissions and avoid dirty energy.

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Shareholders urge Dominion Energy to study climate and investment risks of biomass power

Decreasing public and policy support for bioenergy makes the company’s renewable energy investments in bioenergy a liability, instead of an asset.

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Solutia agrees to end coal-burning in Springfield

PFPI found Solutia is violating EPA health standards by emitting hundreds of tons of sulfur dioxide each year, but the switch to natural gas will reduce emissions.

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More than 200 residents, community groups petition Solutia to end coal-burning

The coal plant at Solutia in Springfield is violating air quality standards in one of the most polluted regions of Massachusetts.

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“Barriers” to biopower for the TVA

The Tennessee Valley Authority doesn’t need renewable energy that increases forest harvesting in the Southeast.

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Time to clean up the Solutia coal burner in Springfield, MA

The Solutia coal plant causes violations of air quality and health standards in the Springfield region. It’s time it was modernized.

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