Air Pollution

EU climate, nature and air quality goals are in jeopardy because of wood-burning for energy, new study shows

Climate-critical land carbon sink is rapidly declining, while harvesting and burning wood for biomass energy continues to grow

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PFPI Applauds Senate Action to End Woody Biomass Subsidies in MA

Massachusetts Senate bill removes woody biomass from two flagship state energy programs.

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Massachusetts Revokes Permit for Springfield Biomass Plant

It turns out the state listened to the air quality arguments, after all.

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Korean solar industry makes unprecedented legal challenge to “green” credentials of biomass energy

Canadian citizen joins suit against Korean government alleging irreparable harm to forests and climate from use of British Columbia wood pellets

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MA House Climate Bill Would Promote Biomass Power Plants as “Non-Carbon Emitting Sources”

Proposed legislation throws a lifeline to a biomass plant developers keep trying to build in an environmental justice community in Springfield MA

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EU Biomass Case Denied Access to The Courts

Paying people to burn wood for energy and simply counting the emissions as zero, as the EU now does, is hollowing out forests and actually increasing GHG emissions. Stopping this practice is essential climate mitigation – which is what we desperately need.

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Higher Ed Partnerships with Energy Co’s Lock in Decades of High Emissions, Greenwash

Campuses are outsourcing energy planning to private companies pushing biomass and natural gas as clean and green

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Climate Week 2019 Screenings of “Burned: Are Trees the New Coal?”

Join us to see the film that’s got everyone talking about the biomass and wood pellet industries, and hear about the lawsuit filed against the European Union for treating burning trees as “zero-emissions.”

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Enviro Advocates Call Out MA Gov. Baker For Promoting Dirty Fuels As Renewable Energy

If the Baker administration gets their way, more so-called “clean energy” in MA will come from burning garbage and biomass

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Springfield Groups Slam ENE for Peddling Polluting Palmer Power to Eastern Mass Munis

The groups urge residents to turn out to rescheduled June 5th hearing on regulatory rollback of MA biomass rules

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