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European Parliament Takes First Step to Limit Forest Biomass Energy in the Renewable Energy Directive

Environmental groups expressed grave concerns that measures adopted by the European Parliament (EP) do not go far enough to limit the use of forest biomass in the Renewable Energy Directive


Massachusetts First in the Nation to End Renewable Energy Subsidies for Wood-Burning Power Plants

A new Massachusetts law expands clean energy development and ends renewable energy subsidies for wood-burning power plants.

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PFPI Applauds MA House & Senate for Standing Firm on Climate Bill

Legislators Reject Gov’s Proposal to Gut Biomass Provisions, Strike Biomass from RPS.

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Governor Baker Tries to Sneak Biomass Into Climate Bill

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker vetoed comprehensive climate legislation, sending the bill back with amendments that would effectively protect subsidies for old, dirty biomass power plants.

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Biomass rules, legislation down to the wire in Massachusetts

Will the MA legislature finally stand up to the biomass industry? We’ll know soon.

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PFPI Applauds Senate Action to End Woody Biomass Subsidies in MA

Massachusetts Senate bill removes woody biomass from two flagship state energy programs.

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MA Senate Bill Would Ban New Biomass Subsidies

The Massachusetts Senate has ​advanced a sweeping new climate policy bill that would stop Governor Baker’s biomass subsidies in their tracks.

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Dear Governor Baker: What Part of “No” Don’t You Understand?

With only 9 months left in office, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is still trying to cut and burn more trees.

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Challenging Greenwashing, NGOs Take Aim at Sweeping EU Finance Policy

“Green” investment criteria for bioenergy and forestry will increase emissions and degrade forests

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Over 100 groups call for end to Biomass Subsidies in Massachusetts

It’s time to enact legislation to fix this problem once and for all.

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