Biomass Energy Subsidies

Massachusetts state house with golden dome

New Bills Will Close Loopholes in Massachusetts’ Clean Energy Laws

New state bills in Massachusetts would end subsidies for woody biomass.

clearcutting in Estonia

EU climate, nature and air quality goals are in jeopardy because of wood-burning for energy, new study shows

Climate-critical land carbon sink is rapidly declining, while harvesting and burning wood for biomass energy continues to grow

powerplant at sunrise

EU climate plan bets on non-existent technology to reduce emissions

Plans for climate neutrality rely on doubling biomass burning and trapping CO2 using geological storage, locking EU into climate failure.


Burn Notice: Massachusetts Expands Subsidies for Biomass Power Plants

As Baker’s new rules go into effect, advocates urge State Legislature to act.


MA Pushes to Greenlight Subsidies for Polluting Biomass Power Plants

As the MA legislature is poised to vote on whether it wants polluting biomass in its clean energy legislation, the Baker administration tries to roll back other hard-won rules that limit this dirty energy source.


PFPI Launches Lawsuit Challenging Forest Biomass in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive

The EU’s treatment of forest biomass as carbon neutral is harming forests, the climate, and communities.

Slash piles left after clear cutting.

New report reveals negative community and financial impacts of bioenergy boom

The elite group of plants receiving hundreds of millions in taxpayer handouts had cost overruns, air and water violations, early closures, and lawsuits.

drax at sunset

New UK Biomass Policy Removes Subsidies For High-Carbon Wood Pellets

Even ignoring the CO2 coming out the smokestack, the new policy sets a lifecycle emissions standard that imported wood pellets can’t meet


Environmentalists applaud UK Government decision to restrict subsidies for new biomass power stations

Decision is key to protecting forests in the US Southeast, which are being cleared to fuel UK wood pellet demand


Baker Administration Presses Forward with Weak Biomass Regs; Shuts Down Public Comment

DOER’s biomass regulations will unnecessarily increase greenhouse gas emission and air pollution.


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