MA Senate Bill Would Ban New Biomass Subsidies

The Massachusetts Senate has ​advanced a sweeping new climate policy bill that would stop Governor Baker’s biomass subsidies in their tracks and protect Massachusetts ratepayers.

S2819, An act driving climate policy forward, includes priority provisions supported by PFPI and the No Toxic Biomass campaign. Read a bill summary here: S2819.

The legislation would end subsidies for woody biomass in MA’s two main renewable energy programs, the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard and the Alternate Energy Portfolio Standard (i.e. wood-burning electricity and wood-burning heat).  The bill applies to existing biomass facilities as well as new ones, with an exception for any units that are currently enrolled in these programs.

The MA Senate is expected to debate this bill during the week of April 11th. The bill is expected to pass, but significant advocacy will be needed to preserve the biomass provisions of this legislation in the Senate and to ensure the House/Senate conference committee adopts these provisions.

Massachusetts residents, don’t wait! Contact your legislators to support this bill and ensure these provisions stay in the final bill.

Partnership for Policy Integrity