“Threatened Forests”: Incredible film documents forest destruction by Enviva, other bioenergy producers

This is a must-watch film for anyone who cares about forest clearing for bioenergy.

‘Threatened forests’: the hidden truth behind EU ‘green energy’

A superb new film by Benoit Grimont, featuring work by Dogwood Alliance and Biofuelwatch, among others.

If you have 52 minutes, watch the whole thing – it’s more than worth it.

If you’re short on time:

  1. The film starts in France, with an alarming tale of a huge biomass project that is driving clearcutting there.
  2. Discussion of USA forest impacts from pellet manufacture starts at minute 25
  3. Excursion to North Carolina hardwood swamp that is being clearcut by Enviva starts at minute 34
  4. Canada forest impacts starts at minute 41
  5. Example of “forest certification” at minute 46

Short link for the film: https://t.co/ZeR64RE3VF


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