Forest and Climate Impacts of the UK’s Bioenergy Policy

PFPI thanks the Baroness Lynn Featherstone for sponsoring a Westminster briefing on the forest and climate impacts of the UK’s bioenergy policy.  We’re also grateful to Duncan Brack of Chatham House for presenting on Chatham House’s upcoming report on the European bioenergy carbon accounting loophole.

PFPI’s briefing slides have information on the current mix of bioenergy burned in the UK, impacts to Southeastern hardwood forests (thanks to Dogwood Alliance for providing on-the-ground photos) and why claims that bioenergy “reduces” emissions are misleading.

Other information relevant to the briefing:

  • Drax’s annual report for 2015
  • NRDC’s report on carbon impacts of using whole trees as pellet feedstock
  • Southern Environmental Law Center’s report on the carbon impacts of pellet manufacture from hardwoods

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