American Lung Association energy policy opposes biomass combustion for heat and power

Some highlights from the American Lung Association’s Energy Policy statement , Approved June 11
Biomass Combustion for Electricity
The American Lung Association does not support biomass combustion for electricity production, a category that includes wood, wood products, agricultural residues or forest wastes, and potentially highly toxic feedstocks, such as construction and demolition waste.
The combustion of fossil fuels and biomass in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in the United States generates a significant share of the nation’s air pollution, threatening the health and lives of millions of people, including those who are most vulnerable to harm.
The American Lung Association supports programs and policies to encourage a transition from coal, oil, and biomass use in the residential and commercial sectors to cleaner alternatives. 
The American Lung Association strongly opposes the combustion of wood and other biomass sources at schools and institutions with vulnerable populations.
The American  Lung Association strongly supports policies that encourage a transition from coal, oil,  and biomass use in the industrial sector to cleaner alternatives. 

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